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My name is Orrin and I'm an African American. So I don't understand the significance of it having an Irish meaning either.
orrinnybuf  1/9/2018
The early use in the US probably comes from the English surname, not the Irish name. For the etymology of that, see this submission:
Pie  1/6/2016
Considering that Orin is a variant. Orin Scrivello was the name of the sadistic dentist character in the play Little Shop of Horrors.
GreenBinderGirl  9/5/2008
There was a king in Christopher Paolini's books named Orrin. I absolutely love this name!
Carriebear_Nocare  1/28/2008
Another variant of this name is "Orin". It can be used as a boys name and a girls name.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2006
I love this name. I worked at a summer camp and one of the little kids I worked with had this name. He was incredibly fun and full of energy. It fit him perfectly.
jess17  8/2/2006
A famous bearer is US senator Orrin Hatch (Republican-Utah).
Jenna R  11/5/2005
I find it hard to believe that the main source of this name was Odhran since it was regularly used in colonial New England years before there was any significant Irish immigration.
clevelandkentevans  10/6/2005
I agree with the first commentator. This seems to be an older American name that has nothing to do with the Irish. Why would Orrin Hatch's Mormon parents give him such a Irish name?
johann14  3/30/2010

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