More than rare.
A Croatian form of this name is Ozana.
A German form of this name is the nowadays largely forgotten Osanna. (In the 16th and 17th centuries, however, Osanna was one of the most popular girls' names in Germany.)
The name of Ozanne can be found from several sources. First and primary it is one of the oldest established names from the isles of Guernsey and Jersey which are between England and France. The name from these islands can be traced back nearly a millennium to several ancestral cores from the vicinity of Normandy. Legend has it that the base of the name came from the carriers of the Holy Grail across the Channel (reference "Hossana"). There are other sources however that may be considered. Some derivitives of this name can be Ozanne, Ozan, Auzeen, Ausan etc. Some other variations claim that the origin of the name also comes form a river in Turkey which has the name Ozan, on which the Trubadors travelled at one time. The name of Ozanne can also describe the name of "Ear" in Hebrew. The name is listed on the Roll of Agazzi from the ancient scrolls of Nobles from Normandy (England and France). The name is also listed at the College of Arms in London and is associated with a family crest established during the reign of Edward the III of England.

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