Osbert has the potential for some lovely nicknames but as a name I find it too pretentious.
I like this name. It sounds so otherworldly and regal. Another nickname for Osbert can be Ocie/Ossie. (It can also be a nickname for the female version, Osberta, since it's a unisex name)
Snarf's birth name from Thundercats (80s version) is Osbert.
Osbert is really a good sounding name. I love the name because I own the same name.
Great name. I'd love to see this old Anglo-Saxon name brought back into usage and Ozzy sounds like a really cute and roughy, tough nickname for a little boy. I could see someone called Osbert (Ozzy) being a fan of heavy metal music and a hell's angel biker too, lol, very cool name :)
I think this would be a fantastic name for a dog, possibly a turtle.
I really like this name; I think it sounds really grown-up, and the nickname Oz or Ozzy can be used on any age. :)
Sir Osbert Sitwell, 5th Baronet (1892-1969) was a British writer and satirist.

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