King Oskar of Gristonne is an antagonist from Fire Emblem Warriors. Despite being the main original antagonist for most of the game, his screentime is minimal and his most important role is being the father to the main protagonists' best friend and mentor figure Darios. The two don't have a very close bond.
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day December 1. [noted -ed]
Also Estonian:
Oskar Brooke George is the son of YouTuber Keira George. He makes many appearances on his mother's channel.
Also Czech, Finnish, Estonian, English (Modern, Rare)Pronounced: AWS-ka (Swedish), OS-ga (Danish), O-skahr (Finnish), AHS-kər (English)
Also Czech:
Oskar is also used in Estonia. Oskar Luts (1887-1953) was an Estonian writer (every Estonian knows his name from a young age). And right now, Oskar is very popular choice, too (in Estonian top 25).
Oskar Dirlewanger was a German military officer who served as the founder and commander of the infamous Nazi SS penal unit "Dirlewanger" during World War II. His name is closely linked to some of the worst crimes of the war. He also fought in World War I, the post-World War I conflicts, and the Spanish Civil War. He died after World War II while in Allied custody, apparently beaten to death by his guards.
Prince Oscar of Sweden, Duke of Skåne, is the younger child and only son of Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel. He is the fourth grandchild and second grandson of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. He is third in the line of succession to the Swedish throne, after his mother and his sister, Princess Estelle.
Oskar was somewhat popular in the late 1800s in Norway; it ranked at #10 in 1890.
The name Oskar was given to 132 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oskar (1888-1958) was the son of Wilhelm II, German Emperor and his wife Augusta.
Swedish singer Oskar Linnros.
Oskar was the name of a character on Hey Arnold. He was a lazy con artist who lived off his wife Suzie.
Czech composer Richard Hes and Czech dancer Marcela Karlesz have a son Oskar Hes.
Czech photographers Samuel Saudek and Šárka Směšná have a son Oskar.
Also used in Croatia.
This is the name of the main character of the Swedish vampire book and movie Let the Right One In, published in the United States as Let Me In.
Oskar Schindler - German businessman whose efforts to save his 1,200 Jewish workers were recounted in the book Schindler's Ark and the film Schindler's List.

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