Milla Jovovich and Paul SW Anderson named their daughter Osian Lark Elliot Jovovich Anderson.
Pronounced as AHS-see-ən and or AHS-yən in English.
This name is so cool. Very masculine. By the way, the name is not even Irish, it's a modern form of an Old Norse name.
The name reminds me of The Story Of Óðian Járndaggardr.
This name is really cool. I'm thinking about vikings when I hear the name. Sounds very Nordic.
The name Ossian may come from the Old Norse Odin (the name of a god in Norse mythology) which means rage, inspiration, frenzy. It may also come from another masculine Nordic/English name, Oswin, which means 'god's friend' or 'friend of the gods'.
It's a nice enough sounding name, but I think this particular spelling might be tainted by the fact that James Macpherson's epic was proven to be fraudulent / a forgery.
I believe this'd be a cool name for a girl.
In Sweden we pronounce it OSS-ee-an. A boy in my school has this name.
Pronounced OSS-ee-an at times, and otherwise, OSH-un.

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