O-vid in English and Swedish.
A small town in my home state is named Ovid. As a result, I always think of the philosopher when I get near that small town.
The reason for this name's popularity amongst Romanians is that the place were Publius Ovidius Nasso was banned to was Pontus Euxinus, the Roman name for the Black Sea shore wich now belongs to Romania (see cities of Histria, Callatis or Tomis (today Constanta)). He became acquainted with the local populace which were at the time the newly conquered Dacs (Geto-Dacs, or the northern Thraks) in the process of romanization, and even wrote about them, lyrics too. It is still said there that the reason for his banishment was an affair with a beautiful roman woman (still just a rumour?). His grave is somewhere on the Romanian shore of the Black Sea.

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