Paloma Rao is an Indian radio host, video jockey and actress.
Love the name, the meaning and the history. Paloma is wonderful. I wouldn't be surprised if we actually picked this for our baby if we have a daughter. So pretty.
I love Paloma. It was the name of Picasso's daughter and means dove. What's not to love?
My name is Paloma, it means "dove" a symbol of peace. I've always been proud that my name stands for peace, I love my name!
Paloma Faith is a British singer.
Also Catalan:
I don't like the "pal" part of the name.
The name Paloma is also very used in Portuguese language.
Hurricane Paloma (2008) was the third-strongest November Atlantic hurricane on record. A late season hurricane, it set several records for its intensity and formation. It was the third most powerful November hurricane on record in the Atlantic Basin, behind only 1932 Cuba hurricane and 1999's Lenny.
Why would y'all call a child Oma or Loma... name her Lola.
The name Paloma was given to 287 girls born in the US in 2016.
Paloma Kwiatkowski is a Canadian film and television actress. Kwiatkowski was born in Vancouver. She lives in Burnaby, British Columbia. Her parents moved to Canada from Poland. As a high school student at Templeton Secondary School, Kwiatkowski took part in theatre, improv, and film-making. She was captain of the improv team which competed in the Canadian Improv Games and received a scholarship to an acting program. Having graduated from high school in 2012, she was accepted into Simon Fraser University's film program but decided to defer her enrollment.
Paloma is such a beautiful name. Very underused here in the UK. I love the meaning of this name and I'm a huge fan of Paloma Faith! :)
This name sounds so exotic and sensual, but at the same time, a very wise name to have. I think it can be super silly, like using the nickname Loma, so I can imagine a girl having this for all ages, It's really cool to me but I don't think it goes well with the other names that I liked.
The daughter the famous artist Pablo Picasso was called Paloma and was a famous fasion designer in her own right too. She worked for Tiffany & co. and had her own pefume line. The singer Paloma Faith is also a famous bearer. My name is actually Paloma and it is quite funny that people think of a classic dark Spanish lady when they hear it even though I have blonde hair and blue eyes!
Paloma is used as a given name because of the Marian title la Virgen de la Paloma de Madrid.
For this reason the name is especially common in Madrid (in the context of Spain).
Paloma is the first name of British singer Paloma Faith Blomfield.
Paloma usually implies graceful and lithe.

It's a very beautiful name.
Very gorgeous. Reminds me of a girl with black hair flowing in the wind and a red dress. I love it.
English singer Paloma Faith is a famous bearer.
Paloma Soto-Castillo, a Chilean/Filipino-American, appeared on Survivor: Gabon.
Sounds very upperclass, which is a good thing in my opinion. Not overly popular either, which is also good.
Celia Sánchez's nickname was La Paloma (The Dove).
Paloma Picasso is also a sculptress and jewelry designer. She was a house designer for Tiffany and Co. for many years.
Unfortunately names that end with -oma remind me of cancers. If it wasn't for that I'd think this name sounded beautiful.
The name is very pretty but I would never name my child this because I live in Croatia and "Paloma" is a corporation which produces toilet paper in Croatia.
Aww what a sweet name! Plus one of my favorite birds is a dove; their soft coo is so sweet. For a best friend, you can call her 'Pal'.
Paloma San Basilio is a very famous Spanish singer.
I have a good friend with the name Paloma. I really like this name because it's very uncommon (at least where I live). Her friends call her Paloma~loma~llama. She's told me that she was named after Picasso's daughter, but I don't know if that was really his daughter's name.
Paloma is like the name Callum, because they both mean dove.
Paloma is the name of Sylvania Arias' character on "Passions".
The famed artist Pablo Picasso named his daughter Paloma. She has created several perfumes and thus is known for more than simply being the daughter of a celebrity. She inherited her father's features but is very feminine and pretty.
There's a song called "Una Paloma Blanca" sung by Slim Whitman.
Shorter versions: Aloma or Alomah.

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