Panther and Tiger are awesome boy twin names!
Ugly and unnecessary name.
This is my daughter's name! Her name is Panther Rose and it is so cool I love it.
Pink Panther.
Black Panther the superhero comes to mind.
"These are my sons, Panther and Tiger."
My husband's name is Panther and we have twin boys who we both named Panther as the first name. I happen to love it and wouldn't change it.
Panther Caroso is a member of Team Star Wolf in Star Fox: Assault. He is best known for having a relationship with Krystal, a member of Team Star Fox. He is also known for having a red rose as his trademark.
Panther is indeed the Greek word for "panther," but "panther" in the Greek sense is not a type of cat. It means literally "all beasts."
This would be an utterly ridiculous name for a person. It's even too predictable for cats.
Does this crack anyone else up? Panther means "Panther"? Hmm. Duh?

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