The Turkish form of this name is Peri. [noted -ed]
Shibbeh  10/7/2014
"The Story of Prince Achmed and the Fairy Paribanu" is a story in The 1001 Nights (Arabian Nights). I never realized till now that Paribanu's name means "fairy lady"! Makes the title a bit redundant: Prince Achmed and the Fairy Fairy-Lady. Beautiful story, though. Adapted into the animated silent movie "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" in the '20s.
harry_sent_me  5/27/2013
Variant form Peri also means "fruit" in Hebrew and is used sometimes in Israel.
brilliantblue  12/31/2011
Pari is also Peri. It is a Persian name from folklore. A Peri is a persian dev (or nature spirit), the result of a union between a mortal and a God. It is forever banned from Paradise until atoning for the sins of its parents. Although it was first given in the earliest Persian folklore to be a malicious spirit (in female form, bent upon seducing males and driving them to their destruction), it has since come to be known as one that is generally well-intentioned but mischevious. Numerous tales exist of the Peri, some of them accessible on the internet when looking at Persian folklore and myth. It is also given definition in Mirriam Webster's dictionary as "a beautiful woman." How is it that I have researched this so thoroughly? Because my mother was both a frustrated english teacher AND a crossword puzzle fanatic, and found me in a book of Dell Crossword puzzles as 17 Across: An Elf. 4 Letters. It won't be so cute when I'm 90.
Peri  10/4/2005
Pari can also be short for Paradise.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2005
Famous bearer: Pari de Bordeaux, the artist who painted the protection of St. Mark saving Venice.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2005

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