It's pretty. Parvati doesn't sound like "poverty" or "privates".
Nice name, and the meaning is cool.
I knew a Parvati who pronounced her name with the emphasis on the second syllable, "par-VA-tee", which I think sounds very pretty.
It's beautiful.
Parvati is one of the protagonists in the Indian novel "Devdas."
I don't know why it was so difficult for the Harry Potter actors to get the pronunciation right. It is always "PAHR-vah-tee", NEVER "pə-VAH-tee"!
Parvati Shallow was the winner of Survivor: Fans VS Favorites.
I agree with the anonymous person who commented -- many of you are judging the way this name sounds, when in fact, you don't even know how to pronounce it. It's not the name's "fault" if you're right ignorant about it, is it?
Parvati is a beautiful name, though I always pronounced it pahr-VAH-tee, with the emphasis on the middle, but that's just because that is how it's pronounced in Harry Potter! Either way, PAHR-vah-tee or pahr-VAH-tee, it is gorgeous. I also the Hindu story.
OK - all of you who made rather dumb comments regarding how you don't like the name are going off of whatever pronunciation you have the ability to MAKE UP. You can't READ sanskrit, thus you don't know how to pronounce it, so don't make those rude comments without knowing a thing! And just so you know Parvati is not pronounced at ALL like privates or poverty. It is a very beautiful name.
Parvati was the main character in the book Shiva's Fire.
To me, this name also sounds like "poverty". Not a good association in my opinion.
Yuck. It sounds like the word 'privates' to me.
This name is often pronounced par-va-thee.
This is also the name of the character in the Harry Potter series: Parvati Patil.

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