Also Slovene, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Irish (Modern, Rare), English (Modern, Rare)

Pronounced: PAW-treek (Hungarian), PAT-rik (Swedish, English), PA-drehg (Danish), pu-TRYEEK (Russian)
PAT-rik in English, Swedish, and Norwegian, PA-trik in German and Czech, PAW-treek in Hungarian, PA-drehg in Danish, and PAH-treek in Finnish.
If Patrik is the Slavic and Scandinavian form of Patrick, could it also count as the Danish, Norwegian, and Russian form, and English and Irish variant of Patrick?
Also Sorbian:
Hungarian pronunciation: PAWT-rik.
Patrik is also used in the following countries:

- Bulgaria, where it is spelled Патрик
- Russia, where it is spelled Патрик
- Serbia, where it is spelled Патрик
- Ukraine, where it is spelled Патрік.
Patrik is quite common in Croatia, one of the 200 most popular male names. [noted -ed]
Also used in Croatia, if slightly unusual.
Also a masculine name in Slovenia.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Patrik here:
This is also very common in Sweden. [noted -ed]

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