Well, the thing is, the Greek word Homer used to describe Patroclus in relationship to Achilles, philia, can be interpreted as either lover, friend, squire, or second-in-command. So, since the Iliad was in existence, it has been rendered in all of the ways mentioned above many times. For the whole low-down, search Achilles and Patroclus on Wikipedia. Sometimes, Wikipedia doesn't have the most accurate information, but it is all presented nicely in the case of this article!

This might be better for a personal impression comment, but I have to say that I strongly believe they were not "just friends" or "lovers". They were comrades, brothers in arms--something more than friends, but not lovers. If you want clarification on what I mean, read Jonathan Shay's book Achilles In Vietnam. He puts it far clearer than I can, but.I'm afraid we'll probably never know!
Athena Nike  10/25/2009
Patroklos was the lover of Achilles! Aww, so cute ! They were definitely lovers, why does everyone think they were just friends? I can't stand those people! They just can't accept the truth!
― Anonymous User  9/20/2009

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