Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Very predominantly masculine, but occasionally bestowed on girls also because of the meaning - "peace" in Catalan - not because of St. Paul.
Pau is also the Occitan form of Paul.
Pau Gasol is a Spanish basketball player who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies.
In Catalan, Pau also means "Peace".
[noted -ed]
Pau (meaning "peace") is used as a feminine name too, pronounced "POW".
Pau is quite a popular name in Catalonia (a small country of 7 million inhabitants facing the Mediteranean and next to France, belonging to Spain, speaking the Catalan language, and having a capital at Barcelona). Originally and etymologically it comes from Paul (the biblical saint) though in Catalan it also has another meaning, which is important enough to be remarked. The meaning of Paul is also peace in Catalan. So many young Catalan couples are using the name Pau because of this significance, not because of St. Paul. (Especially because for the last several years religious names have not been very popular, at least in Barcelona.)

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