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Gender Feminine
Usage Slovak

Meaning & History

Slovak form of PAULINA.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesPaulina(Ancient Roman) Palina(Belarusian) Pavlina, Polina, Polya(Bulgarian) Pavlína(Czech) Pauline(Danish) Paulien, Lien(Dutch) Paulina, Pauline, Lina, Pauleen, Paulene(English) Pauliina(Finnish) Pauline(French) Pauline(German) Pavlina, Polina(Greek) Paolina, Lina(Italian) Paulina(Lithuanian) Pavlina(Macedonian) Pauline(Norwegian) Paulina(Polish) Paulina(Portuguese) Polina(Russian) Paulina, Lina(Spanish) Paulina, Pauline(Swedish) Polina(Ukrainian)
User SubmissionsPaulīna, Pauliña


Name Days

Croatia: August 31 (as Paulina)
Hungary: June 22 (as Paulina)
Latvia: February 10 (as Paulīna)
Lithuania: June 6 (as Paulina)
Lithuania: December 2 (as Paulina)
Poland: January 26 (as Paulina)
Poland: May 26 (as Paulina)
Poland: June 6 (as Paulina)
Poland: June 22 (as Paulina)
Poland: July 21 (as Paulina)
Poland: August 31 (as Paulina)
Poland: December 2 (as Paulina)
Slovakia: June 22
Sweden: June 22 (as Paulina)


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