Not for English speaking countries. Nobody is vibing with the spelling.
It's one letter away from "penis". There are better Hawaiian names out there.
I literally did not know that these names even existed. I mean, WHICH parent would logically name their kids this?
Good name! :^)
The fact that this is masculine doesn't help, lol.
Peni sounds very close to the male body part. Lmao, this is exactly like the names Asse and Lagina.
This name is cute if you aren't in America. Especially if you have the last name Smith.

Peni S.
Put an 's' at the end and see what you get.
Peni Parker is a Marvel comics character. She appears in the 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.
Peni's name is WHAT? I know two Penis. And if your surname begins with S: Peni S.

Not a great name in English.

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