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Just reminds me of the bird.
kayisforkeen  10/11/2018
The Peregrine Falcon is the world's fastest animal. It can reach upwards of 230 MPH while diving.
Magnificent Moose  8/3/2018
Fictional character in "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" book and movie.
cziehl  12/4/2015
I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, and Pippin is my favorite character. Peregrin is pronounced: Pair-a-grin, and Peregrine is pronounced either Pair-a-grin or Pair-a-green. I prefer the latter, and I like it better as a girl's name. Nicknames include: Pippin/Pip, Perry/i, Rin, or Percy.
Peregrin Took  11/30/2015
I think this is my new favourite name! Both regal sounding and wild and a little quirky somehow. I think both of a pilgrim and a falcon. Unfortunately if I have a son, I can't name him that because no one in Sweden would be able to pronounce it correctly. Perhaps as a middle name, then.
toxi  4/10/2014
In the 1960 film "Bottoms Up" there is a character named Peregrine Wendover. He is mainly referred to by his last name. He is a mischievous schoolboy.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2011
A sort-of famous bearer of this name, more a prominent bearer of the name, is Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire, KCVO, CBE (born 27 April 1944); he is a British peer. He is the only surviving son of the 11th Duke of Devonshire and his wife, the former Deborah Mitford. He succeeded to the dukedom following the death of his father on 3 May 2004. Prior to this succession, he was styled Marquess of Hartington. He is married to Amanda Cavendish, née Heywood-Lonsdale. They have three grown-up children and reside in the gloriously ornate and historical family residence at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England. :-)
walesgal92  11/13/2010
For some reason I really like this name for a girl, but not really for a boy. It seems strong and wild but more feminine. But I don't really know what a good nickname would be.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2010
Sir Peregrine Gerard Worsthorne (born 22 December 1923) is a prominent British journalist, writer, and broadcaster.
Jonquil  4/20/2009
Peregrine White (November 20, 1620-July 20, 1704) was the first English child born to the Pilgrims in the New World.
Jocelyn James  8/4/2008
It's not all that bad, actually. It sounds mature, even if a bit old-fashioned, and you can always call the boy Perry.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
I really adore this name! It is so regal sounding! And plus, Pippin is my hero from the Lord of the Rings!
― Anonymous User  4/27/2007
As a once-devoted Animorphs fanatic, when I hear this name, I think of a bird, a falcon. I would never name a child after a bird. Or a hobbit, come to think of it.
Emmasj  4/2/2007
I adore this name! It has such a beautiful meaning. I think Peregrine would be a nice name for both a boy or a girl; it's not too masculine or too feminine. Peregrine is a strong, mysterious, intriguing name. One thing I have wondered, though, is what pronunciation is more common - "Per-e-grin" or "Per-e-green." I personally like the former better.
Tears Of Blood  11/18/2006
A Peregrine is also a bird. The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinnus) is the fastest creature on the planet in its hunting dive. Also known in North America as a 'Duck Hawk'. For more information:
Sneasel  10/11/2006
St. Peregrine is the patron of cancer patients. His name in Italian is San Pelligrino.
prisca  7/22/2006
In Australia, Peregrine is a travel tour group that covers all of the main continents.
bschoer10  2/8/2006
Believe it or not the first Pilgrim baby to be born in America was named Peregrine White.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2005
Peregrine was Pippin the hobbit's real name in The Lord of The Rings.
Alaric  11/11/2005
I really think this name is weird because I had a friend whose name is Alma PEREGRINA, which in English is basically wandering soul.
libragurl7  7/20/2005

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