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Petronilla is a wonderful name. It's so beautiful, lovely and very unique. I absolutely love it ❤❤.
Petronilla Tovo (Turin, 19th century) was an Italian female painter, specializing in painting miniatures on ivory. She is known for portraits of the Duke and Duchess d'Aosta; Prince Tommaso; Prince of Carignano; and the two sons of Duke of Aosta; and portrait of a young woman in antique and modern costume. She also painted landscapes and still lifes, and at the 1880 Turin Exposition, she exhibited Vaso con fiori and two landscapes.
Petronilla Deterville, MBE (14 May 1951-3 October 2010) was a St. Lucian musician and composer recognized for her work in founding youth music and theatrical groups. She was honored as a member of the Order of the British Empire for her contributions to the development and preservation of St. Lucia's folk music, as well as her efforts to utilize the arts to expand educational opportunities.
Petronilla de Meath (c. 1300–1324) was the maidservant of Dame Alice Kyteler, a fourteenth century Hiberno-Norman noblewoman. After the death of Kyteler's fourth husband, Kyteler was accused of practicing witchcraft and Petronilla was charged with being one of her accomplices. Petronilla was tortured and forced to proclaim that she and Kyteler were guilty of witchcraft. Petronilla was then flogged and eventually burnt at the stake on 3 November 1324, in Kilkenny. Hers was the first known case in Ireland or Great Britain of death by fire for the crime of heresy.
Petronilla (29 June/11 August 1136 – 15 October 1173) was the queen of Aragon from the abdication of her father, Ramiro II, in 1137 until her own abdication in 1164. She was the last ruling member of the Jiménez dynasty in Aragon, and by marriage brought the throne to the House of Barcelona.
Perhaps it would be better to say in the entry that Petronilla is a diminutive for Petronia. In my humble opinion, that is clearer and less roundabout than saying "a feminine diminutive of Petronius". Besides, referring to Petronia instead will ultimately still refer people to Petronius, as Petronius is mentioned in the entry for Petronia. As such, it would be a "best of both worlds" kind of thing - but that's just my opinion. ;) [noted -ed]
The younger sister of Eleanor of Aquataine held this name.

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