The name is more severe like the Philippines. But overall, I really like the name so far.
Makes me think of the country.
It’s a pretty name but it’s way too close to Philippines. It’s my name because that’s the name my Daddy gave to me.
I only know the meaning to be lover of horses... mmmm ☹️.
All I can think of is that place.
Way too close to the Philippines. Besides, Philippa is prettier.
I would love to name my future daughter this! (if I would have children), because it reminds me of the Philippines and the nice things about the Philippines is that there are nice beaches, islands and very yummy food, also the culture is awesome!
It's a pretty name, but is too close to The Philippines for me to ever use it.
Elisabeth Philippine Zimmermann-Keseberg (1823-1877) was one of the survivors of the Donner Party. She was traveling with her husband, Ludwig "Lewis" Keseberg (1814-1895) Keseberg and their two small children, three-year-old Ada and baby Lewis Jr (born on the prairie in June, 1846). Philippine, as she was known, was remembered as a pretty, humble little woman afraid of her husband; she was pitied by other travelers as a battered wife, as her husband was known for his violent temper.
Sadly, both of their children died. Little Lewis died in January 1847, and Ada died as she and her mother were rescued by the first relief party. The couple had eight more children after that, all daughters; six of them and Philippine predeceased Lewis. Lewis himself was reviled for his honesty about engaging in cannibalism and died a ruined man.
Gorgeous name. It sounds very pleasant and cute to me.
There were several other French and German princesses in the eighteenth century who had "Philippine" somewhere in their trail of names - usually to honor a father or godfather named Philip.
Princess Philippine of Prussia (1716-1801), daughter of King Frederick William I of Prussia.
Due to the association with the country, I doubt you'll ever find this name in America, except perhaps on the children of kre8tif parents.
St. Rose Phillipine Duschene is a famous bearer of this name. She founded Sacred Heart Schools in America.

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