I think it's a cute name, but I always didn't think it was. I had a friend from grade 4, Pia was her middle name (her first name, Maria). And I did think of Peeee-ah at the time. But over the years, for some unknown reason, I've grown to like it a lot. It's cutesy, spunky, whimsical. Also, two famous people with the name that come to mind is Pia Zadora. The other is a modern famous Italian beautified Saint, Padre Pio, tho it's a masculine version of the name.
I do not care what this name reminds people of, I think it is elegant and spunky!
Super beautiful in my opinion.
The spelling doesn't look that bad, but when you say it, the "pee' part really stands out. Try Mia.
Really really ugly.
I love this name. Short and sweet, with ancient roots and a grand meaning.
Pia is also Polish. The name day for Pia in Poland is January 19.
I think what a lot of the people here that are crticizing the name for its pronunciation need to realise, is that this name is primarily used in non English speaking countries. In those countries, the sound "pee" does not have the meaning it does in English. Therefore there is no problem with having such a name. I, for example, am named Pia and I come from Slovenia, where Pia is actually a common enough name. It all depends on perspective. Also, in reality, people don't think of the pronunciation that much. I moved abroad in 5th grade and went to an international school (they spoke English) and they never ever teased me about my name or said anything about the pronunciation. Of course, experiences are all different, but I really don't think this name is as bad as some of you make it out to be.
Pia the Penguin Fairy is a book by Daisy Meadows.
I love it. It sounds beautiful.
Where's the nearest bathroom? I need to Pia. (Pee-uh)
Also that 80s song "I Am The Music Man" by Black Lace.
Most kids these days wouldn't know that reference, however, I wasn't even alive in the 80s. My preschool teacher still played it on her radio. Despite those cruel jokes people might be really rude with, Pia overall isn't that bad of a name. If you like Pia and don't care about the cruel jokes, then by all means name your daughter Pia.
There was also a girl on the show "The Donut Man" named Pia I believe. That's not a bad association at all. The actress's name is Pia Manalo.
Also occasionally used in Estonia:
It's cute.
I think it’s pretty.
Not a good choice.
I love this name, it’s so cute, short and spunky. I would use as a nickname for... I actually don’t think I could use this as a nickname, but I would prefer it to be short for something so my daughter wouldn’t get teased.
This could be a nickname for Olympia.
Pia Perez, better known as Pia Mia, is an American singer.
Pia Wurtzbach is a Filipino-German model who recently won the title of Miss Universe.
My name is Pia and people call me pie-ah but I tell them, you don't call Mia mya sooo call me Pia not pya.
I think it's pretty. I don't mind the pee part.
Too short and sounds like a girl that likes to wet herself. I think the PEE part is silly. However this name does have a good side as it is the name of a talented singer, Pia Toscano.
The sheer horror of having to say, "My name is Pia, what's yours?"
The Scandinavian version of the name, especially in the Northern region of Norway, most likely derives from the Norse word "píka", meaning "girl", or an equivalent of the Scottish/British word "lass". The modern Norwegian word is "pike", which is still quite an old fashioned word. However, in Northern Norway they frequently use the informal "Pia" (pronounced PEE-[j]ah).It is still used as a common nickname for young girls (usually related to the person using it) in Northern Norway, most often as an meaning of endearment. Some also use this as a given name, despite its informal origin*.*I am myself proof of this being a given name with this meaning (my parents called me "our Pia/"my Pia" as a child, and ended up sticking with it as my first name).
I named my daughter Pia (pronounced Pee-uh) after her grandmother... and I absolutely love the name! We live in the UK, and not many people here are familiar with the name, but when they hear it, they comment on how pretty it is. Yes, she probably will be the only Pia in her school and have some kids make fun of the name or make a song of her name, but I'm sure she'll be able to deal with it, it's good to be unique!
Any Pia I have ever seen has been naturally beautiful, look at the model/actress Pia Miller!
There was a queen named Maria Pia in Portugal.
I love my name, Pia. The worst I heard have been the comments you haters have made here, kids would call me Pia your pants or caca Pia but it was not bad, every name can be made fun of by the wonderful wild imaginations of kids. I was not made fun of any more or any harsher then any other kid. I love my name and would never change it.
Pia Mia Perez, known professionally as Pia Mia, is an American singer, songwriter, and model from Guam. She started by posting videos of herself singing on video sharing site YouTube, later going on to star in commercials and music videos.
Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach formerly known as Pia Romero, is a Filipino-German actress, TV Host, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe 2015 on 20 December 2015 after becoming Miss Universe Philippines 2015 at the Binibining Pilipinas 2015 pageant on 15 March 2015.
My name is Pia and as far as I'm concerned, Pie-ah is the correct pronunciation. That is my given name and I love it and outside of a small amount of teasing in grade school, I always get a favorable response to it. The nastiest comments I've ever seen about my name are on this thread. By other Pia's claiming the PEE way is "the correct pronunciation." Oh please. You don't own the name. You own your pronunciation as Pee-ah, and that's fine. You should be called what you want without judgment. But my name is Pia, as Pie-ah. Please respect mine, as I respect yours. The world is big enough for us both to exist.
I am a Pia. I was born in North America and my parents have Danish and German heritage. I was the only Pia in school growing up and although I have heard of Pias throughout my adulthood, I still haven't actually met another Pia. I lived in Sweden for a few years and my husband knew at least two Pias at his work. I was able to find tons of merchandise with the name Pia on it in Denmark and Sweden. In the UK there is a jewelry shop named Pia.I occasionally get Pie-ah instead of the correct Pee-ah and I was teased a bit in school but so were my siblings and they have very common names. Overall though I have had little trouble with the name and hope more babies are given the name in the future.
Power to everyone named Pia! We are awesome and unique! Everyone loves a Pia!
My name is Pia and I absolutely love it.
I'm from Slovenia and there we have a lot of Pias. I guess there are girls Pija-s, but I myself met only Pias. I think Pia is a very beautiful name and I would use it as a second name like Liliana Pia. I also love it because me and my friend named our BabyBorns (those doll babies) Pia and I would use it to name my daughter as well.
I am half Danish but born and raised in the UK. I always liked the name Pia when I saw it used in conjunction with a Scandinavian surname so we named our daughter that. She is now 9 and is teased at school - Pia, Pia, Piano (ad nauseum) and referencing the wetting herself too. She does not like it and so this very evening we are adding Freya to her name by deed poll. This is the name we originally were going for but got sidetracked when my religious relations in Jutland objected. Like Norse mythology is any more silly and made up than the Bible! Anyway, we named her Pia Storm Larsen and she won't use Storm. Before anyone accuses me of pandering to a young child I should say I was given a ridiculous Danish name which I always hated and wish my parents had offered me the out in 1975! Pia IS a pretty name but only when pronounced in Danish (or other continental countries) and without the toilet overtone which the English children delight in.
My name is Pia, I was born in 1977. I pronounce my name Pie-Uh. NOT Pee-ah. Actually hate when others pronounce it that way!
Like I tell every other person that seems to think Pia is Pie-ya... How would you spell Kia, Tia, Mia. I get complimented on my name always... But it's just a name, my name and I love my name, who cares what anybody else thinks of it everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My name does not make me who I am, but my name is cute and different to me and just as special as anybody else believes their name is.
2015, my son has one Pia in his kindergarten class this year. She's a darling girl, very pretty and I guarantee you, she will be the ONLY Pia around these parts. Very unique name, absolutely gorgeous.
Pia Manalo is a Filipina-American actress from Barney & Friends season 1 (1992).
My full name is Olympia but my nickname is "Pia". Olympia is a Greek name which means mountains but more specifically "home of the Gods" or Heaven. I think it's a cute name. If I wasn't a Pia, I would think that anyone who was named Pia is one who is cute, peppy and outgoing, just from the mere sound of it.
The name Pia was given to 94 baby girls born in the US in 2012. Im not so sure about this one.
Pia Tjelta (b. 1977) is a Norwegian actress.
Pia Toscano is an American singer. She was a contestant on season 10 of American Idol.
Pia Douwes is a Dutch theatre actress. She is best known for originating the role of Elisabeth in the musical of the same name.
Pronounced "PYAAH" in Spanish and Italian.
The name indeed is rare in Poland, but I can recall one bearer: writer Pia Gorska.
Pia Toscano-- inspiring Italian-American vocalist. A season 10 contestant of American Idol... finally narrowly voted off at the top 9 premier, April 7th, 2011, to the surprise and heartache of all.
Hmm. I'm so sorry, but this name just sounds hilarious in English-speaking countries. The first thing that comes to mind due to the pronunciation is a pee-r, as in a slang term to mean one who urinates/defecates. :\ I prefer the pronunciation pie-ah, but hmm, I can't help thinking that this pronunciation, although slightly better, may be provoking obesity! :S
It is also a Bengali name (from Northeast India) meaning "the most beloved."
My dad was a Latin major and he told me just because it sounds like the English word pious like its derivation it doesn't just mean that. The main meaning is "dutiful/devoted" and later on "pious".I'm Italian on my father's side and my dad was a bit of a Latin freak when he was in college so combine that with the Italian and I got named Pia! I was teased quite a bit at school and even now I get people who scrunch up their face and say "Wow that's an interesting name." I used to hate it, but now it's grown on me.
Since my name is Pia I seriously don't think it's right to associate the name with a freak that killed all her children, a nobody, or someone who pees on themselves. You guys can't be a bit more sensitive? And to anyone who pronounces it PIE-Ah. You have issues. Pee-Ah is the correct way to say my name. And no I don't pee on myself.
No need to be angry. Every name goes through its hardships. I get teased and said that I care about lines. Every single supply teacher called me Carolyn, but you don't see me saying they have issues. Take it with some humour!
I think Pia is a cute and simple. It's grown on me.
This name sounds a little girl who wets herself at night. ;)
Pia Miranda, Australian actress who was in the movie Looking for Alibrandi. I kind of like this name.
Also used as a girls name in Slovenia.
PIA can also be an acronym for "Pain In the A$$". A friend's cat was named this.
Although I think this name is pretty and feminine, there are two associations that kind of spoil it for me; Pia Zadora, famous for... What is she famous for, exactly? And of course, Andrea Pia Yates, who drowned her five children while suffering from postpartum psychosis.
To most Swedes this sounds like a nickname, not a proper name, but where Fia is short for Sofia, Pia doesn't have an equivalent.
It is pronounced PEE-a. Yes, I know that's sounds odd, but what else could it be said as? PIE-a?
Anyways, you can listen to the proununciation here:
I strongly dislike this name. It sounds so silly.
Ok, the 9th comment from the top, Well, that's kinda offensive to me cause MY name is Pia! >:(
Anyway...My name is Italian and it means 'pious', 'devout' and 'prayerful'. It's pronounced PEE-AH. And it's a female name. Also, the names Piedad, Piety, Piia and Pius are all forms of Pia. I'm not American, but I do know a lot about my name.
ALSO it means compassionate and it's a Latin name.More Facts:
1. The numerological value of the name Pia is number 8.
2. Backwards it spells Aip.
3. It consists of 3 letters and 2 syllables.
4. Pia in Numerology is: P=16 I=9 A=1 which adds up to 26
5. With the fact above, Pia ranks as 878
Hope this was helpful! :D.
You have your etymology backwards - Pia is more likely a version of the aforementioned names. I personally think Pia is ugly, and having met one in real life I struggle to think of a more awkward name.
The pia is also a brain part, one of the layers surrounding it. This name isn't actually so bad, considering.
Excuse me. The brain part is actually the pia mater. It's the innermost and most delicate layer around the brain.Actually, come to think of it, I don't like this name anymore. I'm a very inconsistent person.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Pia here:
I think Pia is a really sweet, simple, beautiful name; and the one Pia I know happens to be a sweet, simple, beautiful girl. I love it.
This name isn't Polish! We even don't use it!
Kicia, it is rare name in Poland, but this doesn't mean that the name Pia isn't used there. I've known some Polish Pias. :)
Movie star Ingrid Bergman named her first daughter Pia as a combination of her and her husband's initials (Peter Aaron + Ingrid). Peppermint Patty (Peanuts) is called Peppiga Pia in Sweden.
I've found out that in the Pakistani language the meaning of the name Pia is 'Lover' and also that it's the name of an perennial herb of the East Indies to Polynesia and Australia, cultivated for its large edible root.

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