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In 2016 were born 11 Pieras in Italy. Other forms of this name are: Pietra, Pietrina, Pierina, Peronella (not used for babies anymore) and Petra (currently used).
Felie  11/30/2018
Piera Aiello is a member of the Italian parliament (M5S). She is a witness against the Sicilian Mafia and lived in a witness-protection program for 27 years.
elbowin  6/14/2018
This is a really good name for a woman/girl of all ages. I could see someone calling a two year old Piera and I can also see someone calling a sixty year old Piera. I think that naming your child a version of a name in a different language is a good idea. Because the name would still be normal, it would just have a little bit of spunk. Ya know?
― Anonymous User  7/19/2006

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