What else is there, Bastienette?
Pierrette Bloch was a Paris-born Swiss painter and textile artist. Pierrette Bloch was born on June 16, 1928 in Paris. In 1939, Bloch and her parents left France for Switzerland to escape the war. At the age of 15, she began living on her own in a hotel, which she says helped foster very early on a complete sense of independence and autonomy. She began her professional artistic training at the end of the 1940s, taking courses in the plastic arts in Paris.
A Pierrette is a feminine counterpart to a Pierrot, who is a stock character of pantomime and Commedia dell'Arte (often referred to as the "sad clown").
A famous bearer of this name is Pierrette Lalanne, wife of a famous French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, and mother to the French politician Marine Le Pen, one of the senior members of the Front National, a French political movement. :-)
A very sweet but slightly old-fashioned name. My aunt (by marriage)'s mother is named this, so I will forever associate it with a smart, loving, gutsy, witty French woman. I agree that the name depends so much upon the bearer.
To me this name is graceful, bright, energetic and balletic, because it sounds like "pirouette"; but I can also see how it might be unfashionable, or not very useable. I hope the name doesn't leave France, as Americans (like myself) could really butcher the sound (think pur-ET, or PEER-it!). Also I think that this name would only suit a very particular kind of person, and isn't flexible or versatile in that way. In short, it's a lovely, prim, pure, lilting name that I quite enjoy but wouldn't necessarily use myself or recommend to others.
I actually think this name's kind of cute. =)
This is my grandmother's name, the poor thing! It might be the most awful name I've heard. :S

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