In English-speaking countries, this name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX.
In the USA, 9 girls and 6 boys were named PIPPIN in 2018.
In Australia, a total of 1 boy and 13 girls were named PIPPIN from 1944 to 2019.
I love the name Pippin! Pippin from LotR is my favorite character, so being called Pippin makes me so happy!
Fool of a Took.
This name can also be a feminine name.

In the USA, it was given to 7 baby girls in 2017.
Pippin is such a freaking cute name. Makes me think of the wonderful dog Pippin in the show Come Outside. :)
Pippin (873-874) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles II ("the Bald") and his second wife Richildis.
Pippin I (797-838), son of Louis the Pious and his first wife Ermengarde. He later became King of Aquitaine.
How cool is this name? Ancient Germanic AND from Lord of the Rings! *does a victory dance*... And I agree with the other poster: Pippin can SO definitely be pulled off as a feminine name. :)
I actually have a female friend called Pippin and we all ( we being my friends and family) find it quite sweet and charming.
Pippin 'Ip' was the name of Audrey Hepburn's dog.
Sounds like "pimpin'" to me and I cannot get that out of my head when I hear Pippin.
Pippin is a good name for a pet, not a person.
There is a musical called Pippin.
A Pippin is also a tart, green apple.

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