Well, my name is now Polina and I love it. It used to be Pola, but not only was it a Polish name, it also sounded like the word Poland. I am half Polish, but I don't like how my dad was trying to cover up the Belarusian roots of our family not only by discouraging my mom from giving me and my siblings a Polish last name, but also naming me that. So I changed it to Polina. I feel way more comfortable with this name. I just couldn't be myself as Pola. This name just sounds more adult, less childish. It also looks cool written in Russian cursive!
It’s interesting how I always thought Polly was a short form of this name, but in looking up both names here I guess I was wrong. But I do like it. Deserves more usage than it gets, I think.
Meh. Prefer Paulina. The "o" makes me uncomfortable.
Very pretty. Lina is a good nickname!
There have been two singers named Polina. Polina Smolova is a Belarusian singer who represented her country in 2006 Eurovision with "Mum". She did not pass to the final. Polina Gagarina is a Russian singer who represented her country in 2015 with "A Million Voices". She qualified and cracked the Top 10.
I think that it seems a sweet, calm and modest name perhaps because of the -ina ending.

I like both Polina and Pola. They have a better sound than Paola or Paula.

I think that Polina is as pretty as Pauline.

Then I love that it could be the short form of a sophisticated name such Apollinariya.
Looks like pollen :/
This name is given to the winner of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Polina Bogusevich. Polina scored 188 overall points on November 26, 2017.
Polina Sergeevna Shmatko is a Russian individual rhythmic gymnast. She is the 2016 European Junior Clubs and Ball champion. At national level she is the 2016 Russian Junior all-around silver medalist.
According to ( Polina ranked 9th place in Moscow, Russia (2013) and than rose up to 8th place in 2014.
Used in Greek. The Greek spelling is Πολινα. [noted -ed]
Polina Gagarina, a Russian singer, songwriter, actress, and model is a bearer of this name. She represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with "A Million Voices" where she finished second. She was born in Moscow, Russia but spent most of her youth in Greece and her mother was a ballet dancer.
A pet form for Polina in Russia is Polya. And it's a rustic name.
The name Polina was given to 66 baby girls born on the US in 2012.
I find this name to be fetchingly alluring... Unfortunately, it is a hard name by it's lonesome. Meaning: A broader, more professional first name should the the base of this diminutive. I see many possibilities-- including the suggested "Apollinariya" (located on this name's homepage). Very elegant, yet lacks the unintelligent, delicate 'overly feminine' sense of select titles, thankfully.
Just be aware that Russian and Bulgarian names are unthinkably ethnic... I would only recommend names from those cultures if you possess a strong heritage originating there, and hold a surname to pair.
I have a friend and her name is Polina and she is not small ( that's what the meanings on internet say)! I think it means Posh!
Polina Semionova is a Russian ballerina who studied at Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow.
This name is very popular in Russia now. My daughter's name is Polina. Her friends call her Polia or Polinka. She was born in 1990 and in 1990 I knew none with the name. But now the name is very popular.
"Polina" is widespread in Bulgaria too. [noted -ed]
I thought it was a variant of Paulina guess I was wrong, lol.
My name is Polina. I used to hate it, but now I like it.

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