A Pollyanna is a Philadelphian regional term for a secret Santa.
Looks too forced and long. Why not just Polly Anna?
Kinda overdone.
Gorgeous! Sounds very youthful and carefree, two qualities I value in a name. This is definitely not stuffy (probably what gets on people's nerves so bad is that Pollyanna doesn't sound uptight lol).
I don't like the way the name looks...
Looks forced and doesn't flow very well.
I am 20 years old and called Pollyanna. I was named after the book but only read it for the first time myself last month. As much as I do not particularity relate to the character myself, I think it is a great message that the book has. I cannot recall anyone I have met questioning if my name is from the book, nor have I ever been teased for it. When I was younger I did not think I suited the name as it was too girly but now I have grown up I love the name because it is different (I have never met another Pollyanna in real life) and very pretty.
Pollyanna is a wonderful name. There is nothing wrong with being associated with a character that looks on the sunnyside of life and for the good in others. Hurrah for Pollyanna.
You never know how someone arrived at the place that they are at. To call this name ugly, outdated or stupid is so ignorant. This could be the name of a loved one and the beauty that a name with sentimental value holds greatly outweighs whatever negative opinion people may have about this name.
It fit Pollyanna alright, but I wouldn't give a real girl this name.
Pollyanna McIntosh is a Scottish model and actress known for her roles in the films Exam, The Woman, Filth, Let Us Prey and the first season of Joe R. Lansdale's Hap and Leonard and a recurring role in the seventh season of The Walking Dead.
What a horrendous, atrocious name. I sincerely pity any girl in the 21st century who bears this as a name.
As a little girl, I read the book many times, and it has taught me to wear rose coloured glasses and have a happy amazing life. The power of your mind's amazing, if you go around being all jaded and negative, life will suck the happiness out of you. If you go around always looking for the silver lining, and expecting the best, and being grateful for the blessings you have, life will be amazing... people like being around positive happy people too, so it attracts better situations and opportunities than a negative attitude does... my personal impression of the name is a very positive one, and the best comment here is from the lady named Pollyanna :)
My name is Pollyanna and I take great pride in my name. It does mean someone who looks for the positive even in the face of the negative- the eternal optimist. I feel I have become my name and that has stood me very well over the last 4 decades, as it has provided light in the face of total darkness. Optimism fuels our will to live and to become, it supports our desire, hope and confidence to overcome any challenge. I have never met another Pollyanna face to face, but I see that there are a few of us online. To all the Pollyanna's out there, shine brightly my fellow optimists for there is much life to be lived.
There is a popular ghost story about a doll named Pollyanna.
My name is Pollyanna and I love it. I was never teased and I certainly do not think there is anything wrong with being very optimistic. When life gets tough it is much better to look on the bright side.
I was never teased because of my name, although many Caucasian Americans have asked me if it was tough growing up with the name Polyana. I took pride in that it meant so optimistic that people would see me as a fool, for I see a fool is one who avoids optimism no matter what the extent. I never found it to be either pretty or ugly. I like it most of the time.
It's pure and wholesome and innocent. I would love to meet a little girl with this name! And kids don't get teased if they're home-schooled.
There is a Brazilian singer by the name of Pollyanna. Her last name is Papel.
I've never heard such a name. It seems so fake... such an obvious combination of Polly and Anna! And it is difficult to pronounce.
Much better name would be just Polina (or Pollina). Even Apolinaria would be better!
I prefer Apollonia.
This name is not without teasing, especially considering that it means someone who's way too optimistic. It also looks pretentious and reminds me of a spoiled brat.
Pollyanna was a character in a children's book of the same name. She always played the glad game, where she would find something to be optimistic about even in the most negative situations. I think as a name it's quite pretty though it'd be odd to name a girl Pollyanna today, just because it's so old fashioned. The term takes on a more negative meaning though, meaning naively optimistic and moral. The Pollyanna character is sweet, kind-hearted and sympathetic and she teaches others to be optimistic which isn't a bad thing.
This name has pretty strong associations, and it would surely lead to teasing. It's better than the ugly Polly alone, but it's not a very pretty name. The name might lead to some credibility problems, and it sounds old-fashioned.
Pollyanna means: A person regarded as being foolishly or blindly optimistic. It's still a nice name, though.

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