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I like Prem for either gender, especially boys. It means “love”. I understand that Prem has a feminine form, Prema, but both Prem and Prema can be girl names, while Prem is just a boy’s name. Just because Prem is unisex doesn’t mean it can’t have a feminine form. Prema is just a version of Prem that can only be used on girls if parents don’t think Prem sounds feminine enough, also if they think a male name is close to its feminine counterpart. It’s just like Cecil, Jordan, Damian, Ryan, Adrian etc). You will learn why there are definitely more names for girls to have as opposed to boys!
Girls can pull off any names!
― Anonymous User  1/25/2019
I've only ever met one Prem and she was female. It seemed to suit her.
― Anonymous User  1/24/2011
My impression of the name "Prem" is one of brilliance and benevolence, combined with a tinge of a reserved countenance. The name numerologically adds to 1. A related name may be Premraj meaning "king of love" (or some say "rule of love").
sajana  9/2/2005

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