I think the name Preston when I think of a guy who's intellectual not nerdy like a masculine guy who doesn't have to fake an image. Personally I think Preston is sexy as hell it's unique and the meaning is very strange and mysterious but yes I've known one Preston in my life and he was an Italian kid with great sense of humor and a cute ass smile.
Preston Garvey is a major character and potential companion in the 2015 video game, Fallout 4. He helps lead a militia group by the name of the Minutemen. In addition to being a companion, Preston also is a source for “radiant quests” wherein the player may choose to assist nearby settlements and protect them from various post-apocalyptic creatures and enemies.
Reverend Preston Teagardin is the name of Robert Pattinson’s character in the movie The Devil All the Time.
I think of this name as a Southern, hardworking, athletic and a bit of a nerdy name at the same time.
I don't know why, but this name gives off a snobby vibe.
Hi, my name is Preston and I was just wondering if someone could tell me why the name sounds bratty or spoiled or dorky, I just want to know if it's the name or the people you know. By the way I'm not bratty or dorky so I just want to know what it is about the name, thanks.
Makes me think of a bratty boy.
It has served me well..
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Preston who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 602nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Sounds too surname-y to me.
I know a guy named Preston and his dad calls him "Pressy"!
The name to me sounds like a rich and spoiled person. It doesn't sound bad, but it reminds me of someone from my childhood called Preston, and he was pretty stuck up.
Eh, it's not a horrendous name, but it makes me picture a stuck up snotty overly spoiled kid... So I don't love it really at all.
It sounds a bit like an arrogant unintelligent guy's name. Also a bit like "pressed-on"
Not my style.
I don't like this name! I knew a guy named this and he was just called PJ. It just sounds dorky.
This is my cousin's name! And I don't think of Britney Spears when I hear it, nor do I think it's sexy or nerdy... it's simply a cool name that you don't hear too often.
This is such a cute, strong name for a guy. Preston sounds perfect and ages very well. :)
It's interesting and mildly amusing, to see the ire this name stirred up about 7 years ago. I doubt any baby boy being named Preston now would conjure up an image of Britney Spears in the mind of anyone hearing his name, positive or negative. And that kid's first name isn't even Preston - it's Sean!

In any case, there's nothing objectionable about Preston. Sure, it's one of those surnames-that-became-first-names, but it's not terribly pretentious (certainly no more than Ashton or Jackson). However, I do think it sounds best / most fitting on men from the American South.
I personally don't care for this name. It makes me think of a rich kid who goes to a hoity toity prep school and does lots and lots of drugs.
The meaning is quite strange, but the name itself is very nice.
This names ok I guess, it kind of seems a little modern even though it isn't. But if anything, it sounds rather nerdy.
I don't like this name. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum from the people who think it sounds prestigious. I think it sounds the exact opposite.
Have also known a girl called Preston. Although surnames on girls is very trendy, this one doesn't seem to be taking off as a female name as others have.
Meh, it's ok. I don't get why so many people think this name is "sexy".
I admit that it sounds kind of geeky, and it would arouse the anger of stuck-up people who hate Britney Spears.
Preston is the best name you can give your kid. It's sexy, strong, enchanting, masculine and simply too gorgeous to describe. I just LOVE this name.♥
Wow, calm down. I like the name Preston, although I didn't realize it was a name until I met this really nice kid by that name. I choose just to ignore Brittany Spears.
My name just happens to be Preston, and I registered here solely to tell at least HALF of you bumbling idiots that you are precisely that! You have no idea what sort of damage can be done to a man's pride by having his name compared to the child of a talentless prostitute! When you insult the name, you insult the person, and I swear the next person to mention Britney Spears' baby to me will get a sound thrashing by way of my fists!
Preston "Bodie" Broadus is a drug dealer on the HBO series The Wire.
I have one word to describe this name: sexy. And it's definitely too sexy and nice to be tainted by Britney Spears.
Britney Spears has pretty much ruined this name for me, as I now associate it with rather dimwitted people in the country. I know that Britney didn't grow up in a trailer park, and she was actually more of a middle class family child, what with her work on TV and everything, but somehow she has managed to screw up her image so badly that even the names she uses and that belong to people related to her sound trashy.
Famous bearer: congressman Preston Brooks (1819-1857). He was notorious for beating senator Charles Sumner over the head with his cane because he insulted one of Brooks' relatives in his speech.
This has to be my absolute favourite name. It's very masculine and has a great ring to it.
Ish. Reminds me of a stuck up prep-school boy wearing a sweater vest.
I LOVE this name. I think it's so cute. Britney Spears' son is named Sean Preston and I really like that name. Both Sean and Preston are good, solid names. But I especially like Preston.
Reminds me of Preston, Idaho. A small town on the southeast tip of Idaho. Where Napolien Dynomite takes place.
My son is called Preston Jack. I think that the two names go well together.
Preston is the name of a train station.
There is also the name Prescott.
Preston is a great name for a boy, very masculine sounding.
Preston is one of the coolest names in the world. Just like my friend Preston is one of the coolest persons in the world! I just love this name.
Preston Lacey was on the show Jackass.
Britney Spears' son is called Preston.
Actually, Britney Spears' son is named Sean Preston.
This is my dad's middle name and he has always claimed that it means "of the domain of the church".
A large town/city in Northern England (Lancashire, I think) bears this name. Many British people would associate this name to the place.
Famous bearer: Preston Sturges, film director.

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