I went to school with a very nice Haitian girl named Prisca.
In Latin, Priscilla is the diminutive form of Prisca. So Aquila's wife would have been called Priscilla but named Prisca.
This name is also used in The Netherlands. [noted -ed]
Not bad, strange and whimsical. :)
Priscilla sounds ancient compared to Prisca but overall Prisca is a nicer name, I think.
This is a very pretty name, and a great alternative to Priscilla.
This is a nice nickname for Priscilla.
Prisca and Cian would go great together if you had girl/boy twins. As both of them mean "Ancient". =)
"Prisca" is a so much better name than its more common form, "Priscilla." Unlike Priscilla (a hideous name), Prisca is less likely to be called "Prissy". This is a pleasant name that is by no means crude.

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