What a ridiculous name!
What an embarrassing name.
Stick with Priscilla or Primrose.
Prissy may mean 100% feminine boys or girls, but I dislike the way it sounds, not a good name. This would be a name parents would put on kids to teach them to be weak and defenseless, when kids should be noble and graceful. Prissy sounds way tooooo much like a slang for my likings.
Little Missy Prissy.
Prissy Andrews is one of Anne's classmates. She has an affair with Mr. Phillips, their former teacher. (Rainbow Valley)
I feel sorry for anyone with this name, it brings to mind the word, and I don't understand why someone would call a child this!
A ridiculous, embarrassing and God-awful name to bear. D:
Poor kid. Some people don't want their kids to be successful, well adjusted adults with beautiful childhood memories. Name your kid 'Prissy' and tell me you're not a sociopath.
Sounds like something you'd name your chihuahua.
At least we know that she'll be meticulous and fussy, constantly primping and such... but then she'll lie about her midwife skills.
I don't like this name. The word comes to mind first, and next the slave from Gone with the Wind. I can just hear Prissy talking in a high-pitched voice. That's why I can't picture any Priscilla, except maybe a very, very old one, going by Prissy.
OK, seriously, people? Prissy?
Prissy Andrews is a character in L. M. Montgomery's novel "Anne of Green Gables."
Prissy is the name of Scarlett's slave in Gone with the Wind.

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