All I can think of is pubic hair lol.
I kind of like it, except the fact it sounds like "Pube" lius and my kid would get bullied. Back when this name was used, it was probably less common to speak of pubes, so it's good for an old person's name.
I personally really like this name, but I see it as kind of situational. Like I kind of see it as the name of an elder statesmen, kind of like a retired one who now teaches and or writes, who's father, grandfather, great grandfather, and so on also had the name. He also has kind of like a strong-sounding waspy last name--probably of either British aristocracy or New England or Virginian old Protestant stock.
It sounds like a library, but a dusty one, that smells of old parchment.
I can definitely sense some obvious teasing potential from the way it looks i.e. "pubes". I dislike this name and can't see what there is TO like. :|
Publius was the alias of several men involved in writing "The Federalist Papers". These papers were published in New York while the state was very much anti-Constitution, to defend and explain the Constitution. The authors involved were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay.
I laughed hysterically whenever I saw this name. I think that any person who wants to have a serious name for anyone or anything should stray away from this.

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