I actually didn't know this was an English name!
Sounds like people trying to say "pretty" in a cat way: Purrty!
It's English, people, so the hillbilly you describe must be from the English countryside, the heathered moors of England.
Sounds so hillbilly.
Purdey/Purdie has also been used as a nickname for Perdita.
Purdie is a good name for a girl, not so good for a boy. It sounds far more feminine than masculine. It just tries to show how princessy you are. Purdie is rather a silly name, but it’s best as a girl's name, not suitable for a boy at all! I kinda like names with these kinds of jokes and puns and besides, my children are “Purdie” so it’s kind of a beautiful name now that I think about it.
Nope. Nope. Nope. This sounds awful, like a bad pronunciation of pretty. This is definitely one of the worst names I've seen so far.
This is my name as on my birth certificate.. but in school I was taught to spell it as Purdey. No family members have my name. It is unusual but at 39 I am used to it. I believe my parents found it on a TV programme called the Avengers. In which Joanna Lumley played Purdey.
Purdie sounds like a hillbilly name...
This name sounds really terrible and trashy.
Lol I saw this and immediately laughed. Imagine meeting someone and they really thought you were joking. "No really, what is your name?"
It does sound like the hillbilly version of pretty! And with the way it's spelled it makes me think of Purdue chicken.
Aw shucks, hyuck hyuck hyuck, this name sure is perty, ain't it? Ah shore wanna name mah daughter this.

Yep, it sure sounds like some hillbilly, all right.
"This name is so purdy." No. I don't like this name at all for a boy or girl.
Okay meaning. Bad pronunciation.
Sounds like some religious hillbilly.
I'm tempted to add this to my list just because it's so Purdie! X3 Hell, I'll name my first son this.
I am envisioning a hillbilly going "Ain't she perty" right now.
Hideous and idiotic-sounding. Isn't this name pronounced just like the hillbilly word 'perty' for 'pretty'?
I'm not going to comment until I stop laughing.
Purdy/Purdie is also an English surname indicating one who is blasphemous, derived from the use of the French expression "par dieu." [noted -ed]

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