It's an okay name, just the "pur" area bothers me a little.
Dr. Purnima Sinha (12 October 1927 – 11 July 2015) was an Indian physicist and was one of the first Bengali women to receive a doctorate in physics. She did tremendous work in the field of x-ray crystallography of clay minerals. She was raised by a progressive family in a traditional era. She was able to further her education and led a life where she was able to pursue her passion of physics and engage in artistic activities such as singing, painting, and writing.
Purnima Banerjee (née Ganguly, 1911-1951) was an Indian freedom fighter and a part of the constituent assembly from 1946 – 1950. Secretary of the Indian National Congress committee in Allahabad, she took part in the Salt March and the Quit India Movement and was subsequently imprisoned. Later, she became a member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly.
Purnima Devi, also known as Sudakshina Devi (1884–1972), was the youngest child of noted Brahmo Hemendranath Tagore, and niece of Rabindranath Tagore, thus part of the larger Tagore family. She was later awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind Medal by the British Raj.
Purnima Rau, (born 30 January 1967 in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh) is an Indian ex-cricketer. She played Women's Test cricket (5 matches between 1993 and 1995) and ODI cricket for India (33 matches between 1993 and 2000).
Lovely in my opinion. So dramatic.
Huh. I'm surprised I'm the first one to comment here.
Anyway, I think this name is really beautiful.

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