I think Pyry is a very hot name for a hot guy ;)
It's a bit short on its own, but could work with an additional name. It would be a nightmare for teachers to pronounce, unless they speak Finnish.
I like the meaning. It's interesting and I read off of Angry birds season: on Finn Ice that Finland loves giving names about nature, and I see this is one of those names.
The Finnish 'y' is hard to pronounce- it sounds kind of like 'oo', only using the back of your throat to make the sound. Don't confuse 'Pyry' with 'puru' (Puru means 'sawdust').
Pronounced as PUY-ruy.
The pronunciation on sounds kinda like Perry.
The meaning is okay, but the name sounds horrible (to me at least).
Eew. I mean, honestly, would you name your kid this?

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