Pronounced: RAH-hel.
Ráhel is so pretty! Even though I like Rachel more. It's nothing like any of those stupid Rachel train-wrecks that we like to call names.
Rahel is the name of the daughter of Janna in the book Mission Child by Maureen McHugh. She only lives a week.
My sister's middle name is pronounced like this name except she spells it R-A-E-L.
Rahel is the name of one of the twins in the novel "The God of Small Things" - I don't think her name is Hungarian though as she is from India.
My name is Rahel, but without the accent, and it is Welsh for Rachel. The way I pronounce it is "rile".
I think that it is a really beautiful name. So elegant.
Rahel is also the German way of saying Rachel. It's pronounced RA-hel.
I am Rahel in my German birth certificate from 1936, when all German Jews got named Sarah (or Jacob) if they didn't already have a Jewish name. My parents were German, not Hungarian. (Now I spell it Rachel like most people do). Rahel Levin of Berlin around 1800 is mentioned in "The Pity of it All" by Amos Eilon.
Rahel (without accent, pronounced rah-khel) is the original Hebrew form of Rachel.

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