Răzvan is in my old Personal Name List. I can't remember where I found it at the time (about ten years ago) but it is surprisingly wonderful. It has a particular sound and could have multiple meanings as it was used by Romanian gypsies. Great!
The name may also have a slavic origin, composed by the words 'raz' and 'dwa', meaning 'one' and 'two'.
Razvan is a very old Romanian name, common in medieval chronicles as well as today. The name may have been passed from the Geto-Dacians, an ancient Thracian people supposedly speaking an Indo-Iranian language who inhabited present-day Romania, who were conquered by the Romans in 2nd century AD. The very phonetics of the name is very similar to place names of the era, as well as to surviving vocabulary confirmed to be of Dacian origin.
There is a very similar name in Iranian, Razban, meaning "A confidant; a privy counselor" (source: This may support the idea that Razvan is of Dacian origin.
Compare the Arabic Rizwan which could have arrived in Romania via Turkey.
I think it is supposed to be Răzvan not Razvan. [noted -ed]
It also can be "re-baptized".

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