I already don't like Reagan, but this spelling in particular is unattractive. The name itself is overused and tired.
Also lol noticed I am the only person with enough balls not to post anonymously.
I'm not a fan of Raegan or any president names (and various spellings)!
It’s cool.
President names and all of the various spellings are just annoying. I would hate to be stuck with such a name for life!
I believe this is a unique and different name. Raegan makes me think of a strong independent woman with little fear. We have all heard the same names for little girls, times are changing and unisex names are becoming more popular. This name will be top 100 within the next 5 years.
Raegan's parents have tattoos. They've heard classical music on commercials and in movies only, and certainly unintentionally. They're perfectly nice people, but simple. They think Raegan is a fancy name for a girl, and they heard once that there used to be a President named Reagan but that was ages ago. They're very proud of how clever they think this name is, and they start calling the baby by her name in public many months before she's born.

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