Gender Masculine
Scripts רָפָאֵל(Ancient Hebrew)

Meaning & History

Hebrew form of Raphael. This name does not appear in any surviving Hebrew text of the Old Testament Apocrypha.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesRafayel(Armenian) Raphael(Biblical) Rhaphael(Biblical Greek) Rafahel(Biblical Latin) Rafaël, Raf(Dutch) Raphael(English) Raphaël(French) Raphael, Rafael, Raffael(German) Rafail(Greek) Rafael(Hebrew) Rafael(Hungarian) Raffaele, Raffaello(Italian) Rafał(Polish) Rafael, Rafinha(Portuguese) Rafael(Romanian) Rafail(Russian) Rafael(Slovene) Rafael, Rafa(Spanish)
Same SpellingRafaël, Rafael
User SubmissionRafaèl


Entry updated December 8, 2017