Ramsey Clark was US Attorney General from 1967 to 1969 under president Lyndon Johnson. He was portrayed by Michael Keaton in the film The Trial of the Chicago 7.
Kafka_Gyllenhaal  4/10/2021
This name can also be a FEMININE name in MODERN times, making it UNISEX.
In the USA, this name first appeared as a FEMININE name in the 70s
113 girls and 127 boys were named RAMSEY in 2018.
Teddy01  8/23/2020
Honestly I thought I was the only one with this name up until I met a kid in 1st grade who was also named Ramsey. My mother told me she named me after the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II. Recently I learned that the name comes from Scotland, but that’s about it. I do hear everyone say that it’s unique and beautiful. That quickly changed once “Hell’s Kitchen” aired and Game of Thrones introduced the female character with this name. Now I’m either Chef Gordon Ramsay or Game of Thrones chick. Nonetheless I love my name, even if it’ll never show up on souvenir mugs or keychains.
Ramsey_Van_Buren  7/23/2019
Cool name. I thought it was Egyptian at first.
kayisforkeen  10/12/2018
Should stay as a surname.
Luvbug86  2/24/2018
The name Ramsey was given to 129 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
More cute than it is credible, in my opinion.
lucyskydiamonds  1/31/2010
Gorgeous handsome name for a boy! Love it!
kookiemonster71  9/15/2009
Actually, this is my name so I have some odd feelings toward it. I've never been particularly fond of it but I have no loathing towards it either. When I was younger, I had a slight aversion to my name but it was likely for a very childish reason since I can't even remember why any more.
Growing up with this name, I've hardly been picked on much, and never for the name I was given, so I don't think any parents would have problems with that! More than anything, I've had people remark about how unusual it is, but not in a bad way. The worst thing anyone's ever said about my name is that I have two last names.
Ash Fohx  12/23/2008
I really love the name Ramsey.

I think it is incredibly insane that people want to change it into a girl's name. Ashley, Tracey, Stacy, Morgan, Taylor, etcetera are already girls' names, so use them instead of changing more good boys' names into girls' names!

What's wrong with boys having uncommon names? *rolls my eyes*
violetagate  10/23/2007
This can also be a girl's name.
CharlieRob  9/22/2007
There is an author named Ramsey Campbell (male) aka Carl Dreadstone and Jay Ramsay.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2006
I would prefer this name for a boy but I have seen it used for girls.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2006

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