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"RANJEET" has a different origin than the name "RANJIT". It means "victorious in war" from "RAN" (war) and "JEET" (n. victorious).

The recent famous person with this name was the 19th century Indian king, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. Though the common English transliteration of his name spells it "RANJIT", in the original Punjabi script, it is written as "RANJEET".
sudarshanhs  10/8/2009
The name shown in the Hindi/Devanagari script is wrong. What is shown right now is the same as for the name "RANJIT". This name is different from "RANJIT" in two ways:

1. "N" is a retroflex consonant and not a labio dental (softer) one as shown.

2. Elongated sound as represented by "ee" instead of the shorter "i".
sudarshanhs  10/8/2009

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