Too associated with Rapunzel the princess with long hair that’s locked in a tower but still very pretty!
Pretty! But way too associated with the Disney movie Tangled.
Actually, I changed my mind. This (along with Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora, etc.) aren't all THAT bad, but Cinderella and this are kinda weird if you ask me, but not ugly, though.
So now people are starting to name their children after Disney princesses?!
Who wouldn't think of Rapunzel the princess locked in the tower? To me it's too associated with the story to be the name of a real person.
I love this.
Gorgeous name. Modern day Rapunzels don't require long hair any more than modern day Pandoras need to carry around a box to point to for everyone who asks. People are so close minded.
To my big surprise, I found that Rapunzel is recorded twice in the SSA baby name statistics, 9 baby girls in 1959 and 6 baby girls in 2017.

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