My friend named her cat's laser pointer Raul because the sound her cat makes when she wants to play with it sounds like "Raul."
I don't like this name. It makes me think of a small man with greasy and long hair and big feet.
Also used in Estonia: [noted -ed]
It’s very tempting to pronounce this name like Rawl. (pronunciation of Paul)
Raul Khajimba (1958-) is the current President of Abkhazia.
Raul Bova (1971-) is a famous Italian actor with this name.
For some odd reason, this name always makes me think of a gay man. I wouldn't use it.
If you look at the popularity, this name has it ups and downs. But I noticed it has gotten less popular since 2000.You know what I'd noticed? Many names started losing it's popularity in the late 1900's. I don't know why.
I can't really take this name seriously. For some reason whenever I hear it I think of a "Latin lover" a woman is involved with when she gets bored with her husband.
Root Name: Raul
Etymological Meaning: French. Counselor. Divine wisdom. Wise wolf
Italian Radulf - Derived from the Germanic elements rad meaning "counsel" and wulf meaning "wolf".
It's good. I used to get Raul and Raoul confused!
I think Raul could also be pronounced the same way as Paul : Rawl.

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