It's ACTUALLY pronounced as /ˈɹeɪ.liːn/ (RAY-leen), NOT ray-LEEN!
Redneck name.
I've had this name for 68 years. Hated it for years. Nobody ever understood how to pronounce it therefore I was called many other names. For the majority of my life it's been awkward when I meet new people. It's more common now but I can assure you I am not a hillbilly nor am I trailer trash. Generally I was named after my father Raymond or "Raymonde" who was French Canadian.
Definitely sounds like a hillbilly name, but it's slightly better than Raelyn.
Ugh, no thanks.
When I think of this name I think of some utter dimwit Country girl.
I like this name a lot!
This is a trailer park name. In 40 years Brinleigh will be like Raylene.
This is just another hideous, ditzy-sounding country girl name that sounds hopelessly dated.
Well, I find that this name is quite rare and there are many ways of spelling it. I have met a few people that have this name and all of them spell it in many ways. I am proud to carry it because it reminds me of a masculine but also feminine name, which also resembles me, because I have a feminine but also a strong side to me. So I carry it with pride, plus it's a beautiful name.
It's interesting this name seems to have no real origin beyond someone liking the sound. I can only think of one Raylene and she's a singer from the Canadian Folk/Pop group The Rankin Family.
I have had this name for 32 years now and it's not spelled the same but pronounced the same (go figure). Also I have never met anyone with the same name.

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