Has an exotic feel in it. I love it.
― Anonymous User  3/28/2019
Gorgeous name, absolutely stunning. It sounds like the name of an angel (some of you can guess why). It may be a bit heavy to bear, however. Perhaps making it the middle name to a softer-sounding first name, like Hera. I also love the male variant, Raziel.
Black_X  7/20/2011
Raziel is the name of an archangel; from the user-submitted page on 'Raziel': 'Apparently means "secret(s) of God" in Hebrew. This is the name of one of the seven archangels, who is known as the angel of (supreme) mysteries as well as the keeper of secrets (he proclaimed to know all of mankind's secrets). He was also a chief of the Thrones. According to Jewish mysticism, this archangel has also authored a book called "Sefer Raziel HaMalakh" (i.e. The Book of Archangel Raziel), which was later presented to Noah.'
― Anonymous User  5/16/2011
What an utterly magical name! And the beautiful meaning only makes it better.
erb816  2/16/2011
This is a name I truly adore. It seems graceful, magical and poetic, and the meaning enchants me. My secret is God. That's beautiful and powerful.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2010
Similar in meaning, but quite different in feel owing to the lack of the 'el' element, is the Israeli name Liraz, meaning "I have a secret".
Jonquil  8/31/2008
This name is awesome. It has almost a story book feel. I like it so much I want to use it as a middle name for one of my daughters. The meaning of it just makes this name that much more interesting. My secret is God. That's beautiful.
Cyneburga  9/12/2007

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