Please don’t do this to a poor little girl! I would absolutely hate being stuck with name!
― Anonymous User  9/26/2020
Somewhat nice on a boy, but not my favorite. I think it's silly and trendoid on girls.
someone-  9/15/2020
Ugly in my opinion.
SaltyLemon123456  8/14/2020
Rémy is so much better than the heavily condemned Remington.
RHAWK3935  6/16/2020
The ignorant comments about sex/gender in this thread actually make me quite happy in a strange way, as we’re using this name for our child who will be raised gender neutral until they tell us how they identify. Why does that make me happy? They affirm there are a lot of hateful people with ignorant opinions about sex and gender (that is why we feel the need to take it out of the equation during their early years when they will be most susceptible to indoctrination re: gender) which in itself does not not make me happy of course, but these comments also affirm to me we are making the right choice for our child when there are adults who would tell them their name isn’t okay for them because of their sex or gender. You can’t make harmful comments about whether it’s the right name for my kid or not based on their sex (or say anything else is right or not for them based on their sex) if you don’t know my baby/toddler’s sex. :) P.S. my husband is first generation Canadian and my child’s French grandfather couldn’t care less about it being Anglicised or used for girls. Many French people actually make fun of non-French Francophiles as pretentious, FYI. Also, I would have no problem with someone naming their son Gisele, Angelique, Jessica or any other name originally used for girls.
― Anonymous User  6/15/2020
This is my DAUGHTER’s name, but spelled Remi. I think it sounds very bold and strong, just like my daughter! She’s ten now and has yet to run across anyone else with the same name. I love that it makes her unique! Most people pronounce and spell it right on the first try, so that’s a plus. I think it’s lovely for a girl or a boy. It’s beautiful, powerful, and one of a kind.
Tatumarore  6/2/2020
This would be a cute name for a dog.
It's good on humans as well.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2020
My name is Remi, it's short for Remigius. Still fallen into the clay of the Netherlands, haha. I found that the meaning of Remiël being 'the thunder of God' fits perfectly if it comes to aspects of my personality. :)
Remi John  9/23/2019
When people say this name is “trash for a girl” or “strictly masculine” and so forth, this discloses any other culture where this name is feminine. While Rèmi and Rèmy are male French names, they are also found in other cultures as both male and female. Remi is a Japanese girl’s name, as a combination of re (heavens) and mi (beauty, pupil). It can also be an English form of the Japanese name Rumi, which is also the name of a famous philosopher. It’s a beautiful unisex name.
MayaHelen  8/25/2019
Lovely for a boy, trash for a girl.
helena1990  12/11/2018
Honestly, I'm not sure this name should really be used in the US (unless the parents are French speakers, of course)
The English pronunciation is kind of awkward, and most Americans (that can't speak French, and many who do) will pronounce the name wrong.
US aside though, it's kind of short for my tastes, though I can see why its popularity has been noticeable. Seems like a classic.
mememan28  11/19/2018
Really cute, on BOYS.
kayisforkeen  9/13/2018
Originally whichever way it is spelt Remy/Remi is a boy's name. My grandson is Remi and everyone loves and remembers his name, also no-one has ever said 'Oh, isn't that a girl's name!' Although I think it's a great name for either a boy or girl.
renomcg  4/24/2018
The Marvel character Remy LeBeau, also known as Gambit, from the X-Men.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2018
My daughter's name is Remi and I found her beautiful name when looking at several name sites. The name I was leaning toward was Remedy but found Remi as a similar version. Remi and Remy can be either for boy or girl.
Mom2three.  2/13/2018
I prefer the feminine name Remei for a girl. It means remedy and is a completely different name. Remy is cute for a boy.
― Anonymous User  12/1/2017
In American naming culture, many (if not most) names ending in the "ie", "ee", "i", "y" sounds are generally considered dominantly feminine. Of course there are exceptions; Ramsey or Jeremy, for example are usually considered to be masculine, but Emily, Hailey, Abby, Mary, etc. - are all feminine and there are far fewer male names ending in the "y" sound. (So it's not an issue of being "culturally insensitive" to the French, or ridiculous, or any other name-shaming insults many people have decided to insinuate here - it's a matter of most names ending in "y" are traditionally considered feminine.)

Americans generally pronounce the "emy" portion of Remy (or Remi) to be pronounced like "Emmy", rather than the French pronunciation where is sounds more like "Aimee" -- and here, it's commonly associated with the name Remington (as in the gun manufacturer: pronounced Remm-ing-ton, not Ray-ming-ton).

My cousin named his daughter Remington, her nickname is Remy, and it's adorable. For anyone feeling the need to insult others about their names, or their choices in what they decide to name their children, you come across to the rest of us as ugly, narrow-minded and pretentious.
― Anonymous User  9/23/2017
The name Remy was given to 394 girls born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
Remy was born in Florida and has three sisters, Bella, Dani, and Kaili. Remy has spent time in New York and Los Angeles. He resides on both coasts to pursue his acting dream. He shares this dream with his sisters. Remy began his career at eight months old as a model. At the young age of one, Remy booked his first national commercial and hasn't stopped since. He has appeared in more than 27 commercials, hundreds of print ads, and recently began his acting career. He has worked on the film Stuck on You, the MTV presentation of Tarzan, and on the Spanish-language network Telemundo. Besides acting, Remy loves his wolf hybrid named voodoo, his cocker spaniel called Pyro, reading, and swimming. He also loves to spend time with his sisters in one of their imaginative games or improve comedy "shows". They all take acting classes together three times a week and enjoy their "homework". Although Remy has many friends, he considers his sisters and dogs his very best friends.
cutenose  5/4/2017
Again, Americans blatantly show their ignorance about foreign cultures and languages. Sure, go ahead and name your girl Remy, and watch every French speaker look at you with disdain. Seriously, it doesn't matter how feminine you think it sounds, it's a hundreds-of-years-old boy's name in France. Just completely culturally insensitive.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2017
Slamming all Americans for being ignorant for saying that Remy or Remi can be a girls name... You should probably say something about Australians considering some of us are from Australia agreeing that it can be a female or male name.
Remy.Zorn  3/8/2017
Could be used as a nickname for Jeremy since Remy would be said as "Rəh-mee" in certain places such as the states.
― Anonymous User  1/1/2017
Remy is the name of the main character in “Ratatouille”.
Maxine J. Rolland  11/20/2016
Remy/Remi is a French name..

Remi - is supposed to be for a girl
Remy - is supposed to be for a boy.

I am Remy and I am a female..

At birth my mother had decided to spell it "Remi" but when everyone met me they said "what a lovely name.. is it R.e.m. y"
So my mum decided to change it to Remy to avoid confusion.

Fighting over what gender the name is supposed to be for is ridiculous.

I get over 50 compliments a year on my name and would not change it for anything.
Remy.Zorn  12/10/2015
Remi is a beautiful name for a boy or a girl. My name is Remi and I wouldn't change it for anything (and I'm a woman).
― Anonymous User  9/19/2015
Remy is both a feminine and masculine name, maybe you have only heard of on sex being named it but it is a unisex name, don't add a gender to it. I chose Remy as a name because it is unisex and I am a non-binary gender. Personally I love this name, all spelling and pronunciation differences of it.
scarswonteverfade  9/13/2015
My name is Remy.
I am a girl, but I think people can name their children whatever they'd like. But it is rather rude to call it "ridiculous" or "weird" as a girls name even if you prefer it for a boy. If you want to name your girl or boy Remy, I say go for it! It's a great name for boys and girls. But people who don't even know any "Remy's" shouldn't tell me that my name was meant for a boy. I love my name. It did not become my name so some people I've never even met can tell me it was meant for a boy! No one has the right to tell me that my name is not meant for girls because if it wasn't, then my name would be something else. So in conclusion all that I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't criticize other people's names for your own amusement. -Remy.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
My son's nicknamed Remy. His given name is Jeremy, but he is a junior. I am a Francophile and loved the idea of a French name. 100% agree that Remy is a boy's name. We know one other Remy who is short for Remington.
oasismom  1/26/2015
I'm a girl, my name is Remy. It can be a boys name. Even though I prefer it for a girl, it isn't bad for a boy.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2014
I much prefer Remy (Reh-me or ray-me) either way, I see them both as 100% masculine.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2014
I'm an American expat living in France and my son's name is Rémy. It is most definitely a boys name. I've never met a girl in France named Remy.
ruthless  7/9/2014
The name Rémy has been relatively consistent in popularity in France, reaching its peak in the 90's.
bonjour_mon_joli  8/25/2013
My daughter Rémy was named such in honor of a French couple with this surname. They pronouce their name "rae-mee."
― Anonymous User  10/20/2012
Remy Thorne (born 1995 in Miami, Florida) is an American actor. He has 3 sisters who are also actors: Kaili, Dani, and Annabella "Bella".
― Anonymous User  7/20/2012
For one thing, I've always heard it pronounced re-mee (not "ray") – but what do French people know about French pronunciation, right? (Maybe every name should be listed here twice, once for the country of it's origin and once for it's American usage...)
that one  7/7/2012
100% masculine. Ask any French person. Putting Remy on a girl would be like naming a boy Gisele or Angelique. It's as masculine as Pierre, Henri, and Andre.
AMR71  2/1/2011
I seem to be in the minority here, as I find "Remy" to be an attractive name for girls. In my humble opinion, people are ENTIRELY too fixated on this being masculine only. Comments like "I hate that this name is used for girls" and "boy boy boy!" seem rather ridiculous to me.

I suppose people are afraid that their favorite boys' names will become unisex, and then from unisex become predominantly female. Honestly though, there's nothing stopping people from continuing to name their little boys "Madison" and "Ashley" except social factors. Society likes their girls and boys to be clearly separated from one another, and any blurring of that demarcation is uncomfortable for a lot of people.

There is nothing wrong with tradition so long as it's kept in check by reason. Preserving a name's origins is important, and people are certainly not without justification in wanting to stick with that traditional usage.

However! People go too far in my mind when they start crying foul over deviations in gender and lamenting that a name has been "handed over to the girls" (as one comment puts it). Regardless of the original intent of such comments, on a certain level they ultimately seem to imply that because females are now associating themselves with a traditionally masculine name, it's somehow tainted and loses whatever masculine powers it originally carried.
MuppetFace  7/16/2010
Regardless if written as "Rémi" or "Remy", this is a boys' name. For all I care, you can go ahead and name your daughter Remy (or how about Lucas for your daughter and Jessica for your son?), but to quote you, "it would seem rather ridiculous to me".
PS: Your reasoning is absurd. Just because people don't want the traditional names of their culture twisted and misused, doesn't make them intolerant, socially backwards or even sexist ("girls and boys clearly separated").
that one  7/7/2012
Remy is the name of Jude Law's character in the new movie "Repomen".
Antique_Cherub  2/15/2010
I hate that this name is becoming used for girls. It's such a masculine name. Let's keep it that way.
slyboots  11/15/2009
I'm a fan of unisex names, but Rémi (or Remy) is all boy. But I don't care if the Americans use the name Remy for girls. I dislike the English pronunciation anyway.
McHobbit  10/25/2009
I hate that this is another name that some people have turned into a female name.
LoQuiero  1/1/2009
In House, M.D., the doctor who is known as "Thirteen" is named Remy Hadley. She suffers from Huntington's disease.
kateab1115  12/7/2008
Remy is a boy's name, period. Ask any French person what kind name Remy is, and they'll say it's a boy's name. Sorry girls. ;o.
Lorenz0  11/4/2008
I have a baby name book (pub 2005) that lists Remy without the accent under female names and the meaning is French and champagne with variations spelled Remi and Remie. It isn't listed in the male section at all. Another baby name book I have from 1974 doesn't list it at all either way.

First time I heard it was this year on the news for the arrest of the female rapper whose stage name is Remy Ma.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2008
Could also be a nickname for Jeremy.
FMRadio  5/8/2008
A stunning completely masculine name. Despite the fact that I've known a girl named Remy and love the book This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen this book is all male to me.
ZoeAliza  3/30/2008
I can see it on a girl, but much prefer it on a boy. Brought to my attention by, yes, Mr. Remy LeBeau, also known as Gambit of the X-Men. I ADORE this name, though I pronounce it "reh-ME" because I like it better that way. :]
FMRadio  1/2/2008
Definitely a male name. Cannot picture it on a girl. I really like it. Oh and there's a band called Remy Zero. No accent over the E though, so it's pronounced reh-mee.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2007
Love this name mainly because of Gambit. He=Major love.
pifaninjat  7/9/2007
I think of it as more of a feminine name.
xKatiex  7/4/2007
An aspiring chef named Remy is the protagonist of "Ratatouille," a 2007 feature film by Pixar Animation Studios.
Mog  6/30/2007
In the States, without the accent, Remy is pronounced "REHM-ee". ("eh" as in feather")
VictoriaCalledTori  6/22/2007
Gambit from the X-men's real name is Remy.
Calcifer  5/22/2007
Remy LeBeau, or Gambit, is the name of a Marvel Comics mutant superhero, usually a member of the X-Men. He could charge inanimate objects with energy, causing them to "detonate" or burst into flame. A popular, well-known character, but rarely a core member of the group.
napoleana  9/3/2007
The name could also be a variation of Remus, meaning oar or stick, who was the twin brother of Romulus, founder of Rome.
kateyvic  5/22/2007
Boy. Boy. Boy. French pronunciation only! Please don't let this become the next Madison, a boy's name handed over to the girls.
― Anonymous User  2/18/2007
Yes, you are quite right. In Sarah Dessen's book 'This Lullaby' the main character is called Remy, and she most certainly is a female.
Surreal  10/15/2006
My cousin is named Remy, and she is a girl, so this name can also be feminine and without the accent aigu.
Riley115  1/30/2006

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