I don't care for it.
Excuse me, my name is Regana, and no my name has nothing to do with Ronald Reagan. I was actually named after a great- great- grandmother. My mother actually did research on our family tree, then verified the spelling by going to the cemetery to verify the spelling again.
Not bad.
I can't say I care for this name much (which is something, considering Morgana is one of my favorite names), but I don't think this name is intentionally associated with Ronald Reagan, either. It just looks like someone gave Regan the Morgana treatment.
This is a lame attempt to be ''clever'' in getting the worship of Ronald Reagan into the child's name in a subtle manner. It's a butt-ugly name, and it boggles the mind why people would name people who certainly don't benefit from a person's policies a name that is clearly a tribute to the person in question. How about just settling for incorporating Reagan into the names of boys?

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