Speaking of anime and fictional usage, Rei is the name of male Playable Character in Breath of Fire III, and shows up as a Non-Playable Character in Breath of Fire IV. Rei is a member of the Woren Tribe, basically a tribe of humanoid tigers and other large cats. Rei is the thief of the party and uses Twin Daggers. Breath of Fire as a jRPG series which introduced concepts that jRPGs of the current era didn't have. So, I think Rei needs to be added into the culture section for Breath of Fire III.
Rei Kuroki (黒騎 れい) is one of five female main characters in the anime Vividred Operation.
Rei is also used as a masculine name in Japanese. However, it's more common for females. So, I think that the "Gender" of this name should be changed from "Feminine" to "Feminine & Masculine". For evidence of Rei also being used as a masculine name, see comments below this one.

Sources: (I think)
The main character in the anime 3-Gatsu no Lion (March comes in like a lion) is a boy called Rei Kiriyama.
In the magical girl anime Six Hearts Princess/ 6HP, Rei is the name of the yellow catlike 'mascot' character.
Sometimes I've seen this used as a nickname for Rebecca, or a variant of Rae.
Rei Mekaru is a character in the Korean fangame Danganronpa Another series.
Rei has multiple possible other meanings:

A). According to Google Translate, it means, "king" in Portuguese.

B). Because of the fact that it is a Biblical character's name, it is possibly of Hebrew origin.

C). Rei is an alternative spelling of Raymond.
Rei is one of the ghost characters (the other being Yu) from the Puyo Puyo series.
I think the name “Rei” is matched with male names... I love the name that I want to name my first born... coming this August with Rei as his second name. Love the Hebrew meaning too.
Heck yeah, Rei Ryugazaki from Free!
Rei Matsumoto is a Japanese male football player.
I think Rei is a very graceful-sounding and light name. I think it sounds better as a name for a male, as it is similar to the name "Ray", I believe. Contrary to what is posted on the main page for this name, it is not just a female name -- like a few others here mentioned, it is actually a common Japanese male name as well.
Rei Harakami was a Kyoto-based electronic musician from Hiroshima, Japan. He composed and mixed on two Roland SC-88Pro sound generators, at times supplemented by the Roland SK-88Pro keyboard model. He suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage on 27 July 2011. Rei released his debut album in 1998 on Sublime Records. Follow-up albums, opa*q in 1999 and red curb in 2001 showcased his skills as an artist and producer. Rei's growing reputation resulted in his becoming in demand as a producer and collaborator for artists such as UA, Great 3 and Coldcut. His recent collaboration as an artist and producer was on Akiko Yano's 2004 album, Honto no Kimochi ("True feelings"), and resulted in widespread recognition in Japan. Rei regularly performed at some of Japan's big festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Rising Sun Rock Festival, and Sonar Sound Tokyo. Rei had also actively participated in several music showcases in France and Germany and in Sonar 2005 in Barcelona, Spain where he appeared with Shiro Takatani (from performance unit, "Dumb Type", as a visual collaboration).
His fourth album in 2005, lust, quickly gained popularity in a variety of music scenes. In 2006, Harakami released new and past works on the compilation album Wasuremono ("Forgotten Items") and a project CD Colors of the Dark for the Planetarium. In 2007, he composed the music for the film Tennen Kokekko ("A Gentle Breeze in the Village") based on Fusako Kuramichi's novel of the same name, centered on a group of teenagers in rural Japan. Harakami also started a project with Akiko Yano, called yanokami, which debuted in 2007.
Rei Matsuri from The Sims 3: Island Paradise is a bearer of this name.
Rei Hiroe is a Japanese manga artist who is more recently known for his latest manga, Black Lagoon. When he is working on doujin comics he goes by the name Red Bear and TEX-MEX. Hiroe's manga were originally published by Kadokawa Shoten in the 1990s but none were complete. As a response Hiroe transferred to Shogakukan in the early 2000s, where all of his manga released before Black Lagoon were republished and re-released.
Very common male name in Japan. (
In Fatal Frame 3 one of the three characters you play as is Rei Kurosawa.
Rei Ryugazaki is a male character from the anime Free!
Most Reis I've seen actually use 玲, not the characters listed. 玲 means "jade". [noted -ed]
Rei was also used a boy's name in Ancient Japan (aka Nippon).
Rei can also mean 'Spirit', and I'm fairly certain that this was the meaning intended for Rei Hino/Sailor Mars.
I think one of the other meanings is "zero" although I'm not sure.
Can also mean Spirit.
A common kanji character for this name means "respect" or "propriety."
Rei is the name of the main character in the popular mystery series by Sujata Messey.
Actually, it means SPIRIT in Japanese.
I think this name means beautiful and I also agree with the Japanese meaning, worship. I think this name is amazing, I don't know why.
Reiko is a popular name in Japan. It combines Rei with ko (child). I think Rei and it's variations are lovely.
The beautiful Reiko Aylesworth is an actress on the hit TV show 24.
Rei can also mean "cold" or "cool".
"Rei" is the name of a character from the anime/manga "Neon Genesis Evangelion".
Can also mean "clear" or "beautiful" or "intelligent/wise". Just as "Rei", they can be male or female.

Some names that contain "Rei":

Famous bearer is Reiko Asakawa, the twenty-something divorcee heroine of the Japanese horror films RINGU (Played by Nanako Matsushima).
Pronounced R-ay.
A girl in the anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" is named Rei, and the name is also of the male lead in the manga "Mars."
Japanese form of either "Ray" or "Rey".
In Sailor Moon a mean girl who later becomes Sailor Mars is named Rei. She has the power of fire so don't get burned!
Hino Rei, also known as Sailor Mars, has her given name (Rei) in katakana, and not kanji.

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