I just found this name on Pinterest and just suddenly grew a huge love for Reid! I don't know what just happened to me but I now think this is my favorite boy's name. No hesitance there.
Last name.
Much better as a surname. It should stay that way.
Like it... but wouldn't use it. It rhymes with peed /:
On my top 10 list for boys! I love this name so much! I can picture it on a little boy and on a man. =)
I like the name Reid on a boy but I love it on a girl! My only problem with it is that it's so plain and simple - only one syllable and there's nothing much to it. I still adore it nonetheless. I also know a girl with Reid as her middle name.
Reid Garwin is one of four magical brothers in the 2006 horror/thriller film "The Covenant".
Reid is a great name for a boy. Strong and handsome sounding, easy to grow up with. I have seen it increasing in usage.
I personally love the name Reid and think it is a very good transition name for it can be pictured as a little boy, a young man or an adult.

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