Reine is such a pretty and simple French name.
I must wonder why Reine (along with many other names I personally love) are not very commonly used.
The name Reine is not pronounced rain it is pronounced ray-nuh. It is similar to the Spanish Reina which also means queen. The name Reine is French and means queen.
Name of the main character, an 11 year old boy, in Swedish movie "Barnens Ö".
Very rare in france.
My name is Reine. It is pronounced rainy, like the weather. It was my father's mother's maiden name. I have heard fourteen different pronunciations of it, from the reasonable like Renee and Rayne to the absurd like Reina and Reena.
My middle name is Rein. I love it! :) So cute, sweet, and to the point!
Almost the same as the Spanish word for 'queen', which is Reina. They are both lovely names.
Another spelling is Raini (my name).
In accordance with French pronunciation, this name should be pronounced "Ren" as opposed to "Rayn."
Reine can also be used as a pet version of Reiniera.
In Sweden this is a male name, a short form of Reinhard and Reinhold, pronounced RAY-neh. Famous bearer is actor Reine Brynolfsson.
The name 'Reine' can also be seen in the statement 'viva la reine', meaning 'long live the queen'.

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