Germanic ragin "the (Germanic) Gods, counsel, very (emphatic prefix)" + wald "power", essentially "Powerful Gods" or "Power of the Gods". Cognate to English Reynold, Ronald, French Renault, Scandinavian Ragnvald, and Spanish Reynaldo.

This name was popularised by the ancient German hero figure known as Reinhold von Montalban (The Four Sons of Aymon), Reinhold von Meilan (The Dietrich Saga), and ultimately, as Saint Reinhold von Köln.

The -h- is recorded as early as the 6th century in the Dietrich von Bern legendary figure De gude Reinholt van Meilan who was the only one spared the slaughter at Erminrich's castle due to his loyalty to Dietrich. Hence with the addition of the -h- the etymology is interpreted as the emphatic prefix regn- with hold making "Solemnly Loyal".
Ragnvaldr  10/21/2020
Reinhold von Meilan was the only one spared and still loyal to Dietrich von Bern in the ancient legend of Emmenrich's Tod.
Wieland  8/24/2019
I like Reince.
Prime Meridian  4/20/2018
This name would not work in Scandinavia. Renhold means "cleaning/sanitation" in Norwegian. "Rein" is a dialect form of ren, so it means the same with or without the I.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2017
Erasmus Reinhold, 16th century German Astronomer.
Germania  4/25/2017
Reinhold Messner, German-Italian and world's most famous mountain-climber.
Germania  4/25/2017
Germanic ragin "counsel" + wald "power"; name of a tenth century saint. Cognate to English Reynold and Ronald. The -h- is added by the folk etymology rein+hold "pure + graceful".
Wieland_Der_Schmied  11/26/2016
Pronounced "rine-holt".
Wieland_Der_Schmied  11/26/2016
Notable people with the surname include:

Erasmus Reinhold, 16th-century German astronomer; the lunar crater Reinhold is named after him
Hugo Reinhold (1854–1935), Austrian composer and pianist
Judge Reinhold (born 1957), American actor
Karl Leonhard Reinhold (1757–1823), 18th/19th-century Austrian philosopher
Meyer Reinhold (1909–2002), American classical scholar
Johann Heinrich Carl Reinhold (1788–1825), German painter and engraver

People with the given name include:

Reinhold Bernt (1902–1981), German film actor.
Reinhold Glière (1875–1956), Russian and Soviet composer
Reinhold Heil (born 1954), German-born film and television composer based in Los Angeles
Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald (1803–1882), Estonian writer
Reinhold Messner (born 1944), Italian mountaineer
Reinhold Mitterlehner (born 1955), Austrian politician
Reinhold Conrad Muschler (1882–1957), German botanist, explorer and writer, who worked on the taxonomy of North African flora
Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971), German-born American theologian, public intellectual, and commentator
Reinhold Remmert (1930–2016), German mathematician
Reinhold Solger (1817-1866), American historian, novelist, poet, political activist and lecturer
Reinhold Saulmann (1895–1936), Estonian Olympic sprinter
Reinhold Thiessenhusen (1864–1930), American politician
Reinhold Tiling (1893–1933), German engineer, pilot and rocket pioneer
Reinhold Würth (born 1935), German businessman
Reinhold Weege (1949–2012), American television writer, producer and director
Reinhold Hoffmann, a character in Alfred Döblin's 1929 novel Berlin Alexanderplatz
Reinhold Yabo (born 1992), German footballer who is currently playing for the Red Bull Salzburg.
Wieland_Der_Schmied  11/26/2016
Reinhold is very dated. Rein is cute though.
amazingtabby  7/10/2011
I stumbled upon what I think is a cute nickname for this name, "Reinie."
JayGatsby101  11/12/2010
Reinhold Moritzevich Glière, born Reinhold Ernst Glier, Ukrainian composer of German and Polish parentage.
Kosta  7/21/2009

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