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Gender Masculine
Other Forms FormsRemaculus, Remaglus, Rimaclus

Meaning & History

This name is best known for being the name of the 7th-century Frankish saint Remaclus, who was born in Aquitaine (located in what is nowadays the southwest of France). His name is a corruption of Remagilus or Rimagilus, which are both latinizations of his original Germanic name, which must have been either Ramigil, Remigil or Rimigil.

The second element of these names is either derived from Gothic gild meaning "sacrifice" or from the Germanic element gisil meaning "hostage" or "pledge". The first element is much more uncertain. In the case of Ram-, it might have been derived from the Germanic element hraban or hramn meaning "raven" or from Gothic ragin meaning "advice". Even Old Norse rammr meaning "strong" is a possibility. In the case of Rim-, it might have been derived from Old Norse hrim meaning "rime, hoarfrost" or from Gothic rimis meaning "peace, quietness, calmness". And finally, in the case of Rem-, all of the former possibilities are possible.
Added 7/18/2018 by Lucille