It's pretty.
noisynora  11/13/2020
Hi, my name is Remiel and I'm glad to know the purpose of my name. I am 12 yrs old and I think it's a good name for a boy and also a girl yet some may say it wrong like Ramyul or Ramil but I'm glad to have this name... Enjoy life while you still can!
Remiel  5/11/2020
My name is Remi, it's short for Remigius. Still fallen into the clay of the Netherlands, haha. I found that the meaning of Remiël being 'the thunder of god' fits perfectly if it comes to aspects of my personality.., :)
Remi John  9/23/2019
Remiel is nicer than Uriel and Jeremiel (especially Uriel), in my opinion. I like it, but of course, I love all the archangel names.
picajay  6/5/2019
Oh I am glad to be the first Ugandan with this name. I like my name "Remiel".
― Anonymous User  12/24/2018
Remiel means mercy of God. Said to be one of the names of the 7 arch angels as all are not listed in the bible. He was in charge of leading souls into judgement. This is of course according to what I have researched, not fact. But based on this I named my son Remiel who is now 6 years of age. A unique and interesting name. Whether fact or not he sure lives up to his name according to this definition. Feisty and bold and very active.
shantal naidoo  6/1/2015
In the ancient Assyrian language the name is spelled Rameil and meant god is in high place. Ram means (Top, high). Eil or Eilaha is God. The same way of pronunciation for Emanoeil Israeil (how Aramaic pronounce it) Rameil also was the name of a fertility statue.
rameil  1/2/2015
I really like the name Remiel for a boy. Remy is a good nickname.
erb816  8/19/2013
It's pronounced Rem-me-el. Three syllables like Gabriel.

My name is Remiel, I love my name. Usually I go by Remi, but I like being named for an angel. Only drawback is that people mispronounce it.
weeboy  2/20/2013
Is Remiel pronounced rem-yull or rem-e-ell?
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
I wish that it did mean 'mercy of God,' because based on this definition I chose it for a fictional character. Actually, I added an L and an E to make it feminine, the way that Gabriel becomes Gabrielle. I will keep it. It is unique and suits my character aesthetically if not in meaning.
TesniHope  7/17/2012
My son's name is Remiel and I absolutely love it. As he is our third son we wanted to keep with the theme of old and unusual names that we have with our other children. It's a very versatile name that has great nicknames to be worn throughout life.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2009
Remiel is, if I recall, one of the two angels who ends up in charge of Hell in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series.
I, personally, think it's a gorgeous name, and one of the few less common "angelic" names that would work well as a first name.
skazka  1/31/2009
The name Rameel means 'mercy of God' but the names Ramiel and Remiel mean 'Thunder of God.' They are often confused with one another.
LMS  11/23/2008
I'm suprised that I'm the first person to leave a message here! Well, I first stumbled accross "Remiel" while I was looking for a name for the hero of a science fiction story I was writing, and fell in love with it. It's almost a mature version of "Remy", but stronger, especially with the meaning. Mercy of God. Much better than "Oarsman" in my opinion! And the fact that it's possibly an angel's name makes it even better.
Lady Seashell  2/18/2008

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